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PennBDS: Palestine in International Law

This is part of a series of articles based on the program of the upcoming PennBDS conference.  Check out this landing page to find out more. I’ve been trying to write something new for each session on the PennBDS agenda, but with regard to “Palestine in International Law,” I’ve pretty much already said all I need to here. The […]

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One brief note to start this piece: My invitation to debate BDS published here and on Jewish Voice for Peace/Young Jewish and Proud’s new Go and Learn site was recently released from moderation. I eagerly await their first response, which will give them the chance to participate in that discussions the rest of the Go […]

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Go and Learn

As regular (and even irregular) readers may know, I have been a harsh critic of the organization Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), one of the main proponents of BDS (at least in certain parts of the US). And I have been particularly harsh on them for their insistence on having access to other people’s public […]

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