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Quick Takes

I got something in the Forward today, a response to a particularly wrong-headed “Divestment’s got the wind at it’s back” piece a few weeks back by one of only a handful of writers (thankfully) who fell for the whole TIAA-CREF hoax. Meanwhile, an interesting development among our friends in the Great White North who have […]

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The TUC Boycott or Oy Britainia!

About two lifetimes ago, when I was a journalist covering Margaret Thatcher’s third election victory in Great Britain, I remember tuning into the annual conference of the Trade Union Council (or TUC), the umbrella group which encompasses most of the British union movement (an even bigger tent than America’s AFL-CIO). A vote was cast and […]

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

A commenter correctly corrected me with regard to the Africa-Israel Group (which I have been inadvertently calling Israel-Africa). She also pointed me to one of those “divestment-is-on-the-march, wind-at-its-back” stories which noted that protests against the company (which I’ll now call A-I) have actually been taking place for several years. This, I suppose, was meant to […]

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The divestment virus

Having spent quite a bit of time over the last five years tracking and, in some cases, battling those trying to mainstream boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, it’s interesting to note changes in divestment’s target list over the last several years. When I first got into this game, divestment seemed like a genuine threat. […]

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TIAA-CREF Divestment Hoax: Case Closed

Just to confirm the fraudulence of the “TIAA-CREF divested from Israel” storyline still making its way around the Internet, TIAA-CREF has issued a second press release clarifying that the sale of Israel-Africa shares was done months before the organization received any communication from divestment activists as part of a “routine part of the indexing investment […]

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TIAA CREF Divestment Hoax – Are you seeing a pattern?

I don’t know how I missed it (the August doldrums I suppose), but the TIAA CREF divestment hoax turns out to have been the second time (at least) that BDSers have pulled the same stunt of trying to dress up normal, financial business decisions regarding the struggling Israel-Africa company into a story of major financial […]

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