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TIAA CREF BDS Hoax – Motivation

While the world of modern finance can sometimes seem mind-bogglingly complex, the notion of divestment (as used by the BDS “movement” as their own middle name) is remarkably simple to understand. For “divestment” (as the BDSers use the term) is specifically a political act consisting of the decision by an institution (such as a school, church […]

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PennBDS: The TIAA-CREF Campaign

This is part of a series of articles based on the program of the upcoming PennBDS conference. Check out this landing page to find out more. In some language (probably Yiddish) there exists a word that combines the notions of chutzpah and clownishness.  And if one needed an example to illustrate this concept, one need look no further than […]

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Team BDS has developed a bit of a track record with regard to discovering or anticipating economic trends, then claiming credit for business decisions that have absolutely nothing to do with their boycott and divestment efforts (or any other political issue, for that matter). Exhibit A: In 2009, Motorola’s decided to get out of a […]

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BDS to World: “We’re Not Losers” – Part 1

This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series BDSFail

I’ve recently discovered two examples of the “But we’re not losers!” BDS argument mentioned at the end of my last posting (one from Australia, one from Philadelphia).Both of these make the case that programs promoting boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel are doing marvelously well, with a recent string of victories providing “a strong wind […]

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Building on Sand

Commenters to my latest posting brought up extremely good questions about how to defeat a project like BDS that (1) doesn’t stop what it’s doing no matter how many times it is rejected or loses; and (2) insists that its’ success be measured solely by its’ refusal to stop what it’s doing.The current rise of […]

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Playing Catchup

Having inflicted a month of Presbyterian politics on my reader recently, I’m committed to not overdoing the whole Olympia Co-op thing (even though I suspect this will be one of those seemingly trivial cases that turn into a nationwide lesson on the perils of allowing the BDS virus into an organization). So what have we […]

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UTLA – Take 2

Before analyzing the significance of the UTLA’s success in avoiding the BDS infection, I hope you’ll indulge a quick personal observation. Like most bloggers, I blog about an issue I’m passionate about: the fight against divest-from-Israel campaigns. And that passion is no less (possibly greater – ask my wife) than that of BDS advocates. Yet […]

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