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Deutsche Bank Hoax Confirmed…

It looks like one of the pieces I linked to yesterday actually confirmed that the Deutsche Bank divestment story was another hoax, a la TIAA CREF and Blackrock from last year. With this many data points, I do hope that news outlets (especially Jewish and Israeli ones) can start treating future press releases about alleged […]

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Strategy and Tactics: Organization

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What do the French, Russian and Iranian revolutions have in common? Among other things, they each involved world historical changes that came about due to the activities of small but highly organized, highly disciplined minorities of motivated individuals. One doesn’t need to pick such charged examples to see that strength of organization has much more […]

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Strategy and Tactics: Numbers

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When dealing with a “movement” like BDS which thrives on anecdotes, numbers are a great way to pierce the fog and get to the real truth. After all, what tells us more about the success vs. failure of boycott and divestment: the story of a Danish retirement fund selling a few thousand dollars worth of […]

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Friends and Allies

A couple of the more laughable moments during the recent divestment follies in California involved attempts to lump the Berkeley “victory” with a similar “win” at Hampshire College last year. The fact that both the Berkeley and Hampshire BDS attempts were epic failures (the latter having the after-effect of putting every college administrator on guard […]

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Apologies to my reader for the quiet around here the last week. In addition to vacation, I’ve been working on a little project that should be of interest to the anti-BDS community which I’ll be writing about sometime next week. In the meantime, some quick thoughts about a topic I’ve mentioned here before: how to […]

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Clip Show 3: On My Honor

Unfortunately, this piece (which was published the week before the Hampshire BDS conference) triggered a pretty familiar right-left debate over attacks on Scouting as an institution over the last couple of decades. Not that this isn’t a debate worth having, it’s just that the Boy Scouts seems to transcend the issues of the day, which […]

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Hampshire BDS Conference Transcript

I’ve been having a little fun over at my friend Sol’s blog (www.solomonia.com) regard next weekend’s divestment conference at Hampshire. I’ll try to post thoughts on that event here, but in the meantime you can find stuff on a blog which, unlike this one, has the advantage of actually being read by thousands… http://www.solomonia.com/blog/archive/2009/11/hampshire-bds-planning-meeting—exclusi/index.shtml http://www.solomonia.com/blog/archive/2009/11/hampshire-sjp-planning-meeting—continu/index.shtml […]

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