First off, can anyone tell me what the logo for the BDS “movement” (pictured above) is supposed to represent?

But seriously folks, what shall we make of a “movement” that is trumpeting about its latest success, which as far as I can see consists of their failure to get DePaul university to stop selling Sabra Hummus?

As some of you may remember, DePaul was once home to Norman Finklestein, the tenth-rate pseudo-scholar vying to play a four-generation photocopy of the 160-year-old Noam Chomsky on the well-paying “Israel Sucks” circuit. But sadly Mr. Finkelstein was not granted tenure at that institution (the greatest crime since the Holocaust, according to his supporters) which means that the next time you visit DePaul, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice Sabra roll-up but, alas, you will not be able to hear the ravings of Norman F.

But seriously folks (really this time), I think we have now found the defining “victory” for the BDS project: the decision by some Scottish towns to ban Israeli books from their libraries as well as brand Israeli products with a distinguishing mark so that they can be more easily boycotted. Hmmm, does that ring a bell in anyone else’s head?

Welcome Monitor Readers

A piece I wrote on you-know-what was just published in the Christian Science Monitor. Partly to alert my reader, and partly to make sure new visitor’s first impression of Divest This! is not the tale of Sydney and Omar’s journey (starting in the middle), I thought I’d provide a link to the CMS piece and another news bit. First the link:

Second: Apparently it took less than a minute for Scotland’s Parliament Petitions Committee to reject BDS:

Doh! [said with a Scottish accent]

Oh, and I just realized that this is the 200th post at DT! Thanks to everyone for hanging in there!