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Tactics – Doing Stuff

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I had meant to post a couple of entries on the subject of tactics last week, but the Great Hummus Wars and a couple of other side projects delayed that a bit. So let’s kick things off today with some tactical considerations drawn from BDS and anti-BDS activities that have been taking place since school […]

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Princeton [hearts] Israel

This week at Princeton University, history – no History – was made when students overwhelmingly demonstrated their undying support for Israel, a campus-wide devotion to Zion that can be traced back to the founding of the university by Thurston and Lovey Princeton in the 1420s, a passion that is likely to continue until the stars […]

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Food Fight

BDSers never seem to have much luck when they take their fights to the food aisles. Perhaps it is the necessity of food coupled with the pleasure it brings that highlights the fact that boycotters are threatening the former and completely lacking in the latter whenever they wave their fists at a package of Israeli […]

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