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PCUSA – Selfless or Selfish?

There is an interesting construct that has taken hold within the Presbyterian Church (and not just there) that allows Israel’s most vocal critics to identify themselves as being above concerns such as nationalism and other forms of particularism which they identify as the source of war and other misery. They are citizens of the world […]

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PCUSA – Process vs. Spirit

I was going to write something on the social aspects of Israel bashing within the Presbyterian Church, but Dexter Van Zile beat me to the punch with his insightful comments on the subject which can be read here. We’re a day away from when matters before the various PCUSA committees get forwarded to the plenary […]

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PCUSA vs. J Street

I’ve talked before about the intriguing position J Street, the controversial Jewish lobbying organization that emerged in 2008, has staked out with regard to BDS. And recently the organization has chosen to openly condemn the PCUSA’s controversial Middle East Study Committee Report entitled Breaking Down the Walls. As noted when I discussed J Street’s similar […]

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PCUSA and the Power of Reason

Will Spotts, my partner at the Bearing Witness site dedicated to fighting anti-Israel animus within the Presbyterian Church, have a little contest going to see who can take the longest to get to the point. There is a philosophical message regarding this little bit of self-deprication at the expense of our somewhat-longish prose. For you […]

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PCUSA – Stacking the Deck?

In 2004, the Presbyterian Church in the US (PCUSA) voted to begin a process of “phased, selective divestment” in companies doing business with Israel. Putting aside the fact that this vote was taken towards the end of the General Assembly (with even its proponents unaware of the significance it would have in energizing the global […]

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The PCUSA Agenda

Will Spotts, my friend and partner over at Bearing Witness 2010 recently wrote up a list of the issues that will be coming before the PCUSA General Assembly relating to the Middle East. In brief, they include resolutions and reports that ask the church to officially: “· divest from Caterpillar “· strongly denounce Caterpillar “· […]

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