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Rhetoric – Avoidance

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Usually, the type of analysis I’ve been doing for the last few postings is performed in order to determine how well someone has used logic, language and other devices to frame an argument designed to counter an opponent and/or persuade an audience.  But another thing that sets BDS rhetoric apart from “normal” political interaction is how […]

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A few months back, I wrote about what an end to the BDS “movement” might look like.  And one of the telltale signs I identified was the marginalization of those individuals and organizations who continue to push the BDS tactic, whatever the costs. In a way, Norman Finkelstein recent tirade (whether motivated by politics or whatever […]

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PennBDS – Perspective

Well the PennBDS conference has come and gone and before looking at what it all adds up to, I’d like to start by congratulating the organizers for the impressive job they accomplished. I know this might seem strange coming from someone who has done so much to criticize the event, both at the PennBDS-Oy site […]

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PennBDS – Sleds with Wheels

The next item on the PennBDS agenda is another discussion of academic boycotts. Given that I’ve said everything I want to say on that subject here, I thought I’d step off the agenda just this once to talk about something inspired by Nycerbarb’s thoughtslast weekend regarding community. Those thoughts came to mind last weekend during […]

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PennBDS: BDS 2.0

As with many of the topics being covered at the upcoming PennBDS conference, I’ve written previously on the subject of BDS in the context of the Web 2.0 communications revolution.  I’ve also written about some of the unintended consequences of the ability of BDS advocates to successfully leverage these new technologies to spread their message. […]

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PennBDS – Community Coalition Building

Today, we’re blessed with a guest article by someone on the BDS front lines.  Nycerbarb organized successful opposition to boycott efforts at her Park Slope food coop, and blogs at the site Stop BDS Park Slope.  She’s also a frequent visitor and commenter at Divest This and an all around cool person.  Today, she provides […]

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