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PCUSA and BDS: The Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN)

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Whenever some story emerges having to do with PCUSA’s obsession with Israel, with the relentless drive to get divestment back on organization’s agenda (no matter how many times it’s rejected), with attempts to denigrate and even demonize the Jewish state, its inhabitants and supporters, all roads seem to lead to the Israel-Palestine Mission Network (IPMN). […]

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PCUSA BDS: What to do?

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The Presbyterians will be meeting in Detroit (Henry Ford’s city as it turns out), in June and – as I’ve been discussing all this week – divestment will be on the agenda because it is always on the agenda. A hearty group of fanatics are determined to take a trip down memory lane, back to […]

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PCUSA BDS – Dynamics

This entry is part 3 of 11 in the series Presbyterian Church 2014

There are a number of dynamics that make each BDS debate within the Presbyterian Church seem similar to the one that played out previously. First, there is the traditional BDS dynamic that says once an organization passes any type of divestment resolution, that organization belongs to the boycotters.  So the PCUSA’s fate was really sealed […]

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PCUSA and the Death Spiral

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It’s always hazardous to project current trends too far into the future, given that such a practice assumes no dramatic event will either accelerate or reverse those trends.  Still, it occurred to me that if we can just fight off the BDS virus for 2-3 more General Assemblies, there may no longer be a Presbyterian […]

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PCUSA and Israel – Politics

The divestment debate that will be taking place later this month at the US Presbyterian Church’s (PCUSA) bi-annual General Assembly (GA) is fundamentally a political one. This seems like an obvious statement of fact, but once the debate revs up it will more and more take on the language of a morality play with sides and […]

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PCUSA – Process vs. Spirit

I was going to write something on the social aspects of Israel bashing within the Presbyterian Church, but Dexter Van Zile beat me to the punch with his insightful comments on the subject which can be read here. We’re a day away from when matters before the various PCUSA committees get forwarded to the plenary […]

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PCUSA vs. J Street

I’ve talked before about the intriguing position J Street, the controversial Jewish lobbying organization that emerged in 2008, has staked out with regard to BDS. And recently the organization has chosen to openly condemn the PCUSA’s controversial Middle East Study Committee Report entitled Breaking Down the Walls. As noted when I discussed J Street’s similar […]

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PCUSA: And so it begins

Well PCUSA delegates are gathering in Minneapolis to begin their week-long debate on the Middle East, with (I assume) some time left over to discuss the future and fate of the Presbyterian Church in the US. I don’t know about other writers who have spent time commenting on the upcoming PCUSA debates, but I am […]

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