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Well the verdict is in regarding the lawsuit against the Olympia FoodCo-op for their Israel boycott, and there is no sugar coating the news that the judge went against the plaintiffs as hard as he could, not just dismissing their claims but hitting them with an anti-SLAPP judgment that could lead to heavy fines. Needless […]

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PennBDS: BDS and Community

This is part of a series of articles based on the program of the upcoming PennBDS conference. Check out this landing page to find out more. The PennBDS talk entitled “BDS as a Community-Wide Political Campaign” originally had the word “Winning” or “Victory” in the title (I can’t remember which).  I can only guess why […]

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World to BDS: But you are losers!

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series BDSFail

Continuing with our run downof why the BDSers’ claim to being non-losers may be factually challenged, it’s time to move from critiquing their claims of success to listing some BDS stories they would prefer not be discussed. While their own list of “successes” seems to break things down by B (boycott), D (divestment) and S […]

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Olympia Redux: Fondness

Someone breaking down the 300 or so posts written for this blog over the last couple of years might ask a legitimate question regarding why so much time was spent talking about food co-op boycotts in general and the Olympia Food Co-op boycott in particular. The answer to the first half of such a question […]

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No news.. Good news?

I told a person in another forum that I’d post something on the Rachel Corrie affair, about which they were interested in continuing a debate. But truth be told, most everything I’ve wanted to say on the subject I said many years ago in a piece that can be found here. So I’m going to […]

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Now and then (usually in response to comments) I’ve posed the question: what if the world is NOT as the BDSers perceive it? What if there’s even a one-percent chance that the suffering in the region is NOT fueled entirely by Israeli villainy directed at pristinely innocent Palestinians (with no role played by the rest […]

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A Tale of Two Co-ops

Below is a piece I’ve developed for another project (more details as they become available). If anyone is involved with or aware of boycott projects going on at co-ops other than the ones mentioned in this story, please pass this onto them as a resource. Unlike large commercial retailers, locally owned food cooperatives are highly […]

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I’m still waiting to hear what happened at last night’s Olympia Co-op meeting. Apparently, in order to facilitate an orderly program the Co-op leadership decided to bring in a professional dispute-resolution professional to moderate the event, and set out some pretty strict ground rules for how people were to behave. No doubt this led to […]

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