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BDS Follies

In penning earnest analysis of the comings and goings of an obscure and disappearing religious sect, I seem to have shirked my duties of late regarding other BDS news. And so to remedy that: Story #1 – Elton John Plays in Israel Elton (or, should I say, Sir Elton) decided to tell those demanding he […]

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Life is Complicated

A short-lived hoax made the rounds in the UK after the Gaza Freedom Marcher’s disastrous experiences in Egypt. It claimed that a newly created Jewish organization, Jews for Boycotting Egyptian Goods (or J-BEG) was being formed to serve up some BDS on Egypt’s behind in response to the Egyptian government’s decision to reign in the […]

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

A commenter correctly corrected me with regard to the Africa-Israel Group (which I have been inadvertently calling Israel-Africa). She also pointed me to one of those “divestment-is-on-the-march, wind-at-its-back” stories which noted that protests against the company (which I’ll now call A-I) have actually been taking place for several years. This, I suppose, was meant to […]

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The divestment virus

Having spent quite a bit of time over the last five years tracking and, in some cases, battling those trying to mainstream boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, it’s interesting to note changes in divestment’s target list over the last several years. When I first got into this game, divestment seemed like a genuine threat. […]

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Jilted Lovers…

The most hilarious divestment story yet just came across my desk yesterday. Apparently, the BDS crew is bragging about their latest fantastic, unbelievably, way-cool “victory” during Caterpillar Tractor’s most recent shareholder meeting. Just as an FYI, before the divest-niks decided, rooster-like, to take credit for the sunrise with Motorola, their primary corporate target was Caterpillar […]

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Street Theater

A buddy took some video of the Boston chapter of “Israel is Wrong About Everything Always Forever” brigade as they “took to the streets” to picket a Motorola retail store in Harvard Square (an action somehow related to the fact that Motorola is one of the companies that commonly comes up as targets for Boycott, […]

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