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The ASA Media Ban

In case any more evidence was necessary to demonstrate how thoroughly BDS softens the brain, one need look no further than the latest misstep from our old friends in the American Studies Association (ASA) who just turned out a brand-spanking, freshly-minted, new policy that explains what sort of press is allowed to cover their upcoming […]

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The ASA Westin Two-Step

Note: A recent bout of comment spam has caused me to turn my troublesome spam block back on.  If anyone is trying to post legitimate comment and is having trouble with the CAPTCHA code, send them to me and I’ll post them directly. Well the doofuses who run the American Studies Association (ASA) have found […]

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Can ASA President Lisa Duggan Keep a Secret?

We interrupt whatever I was going to say next for one of those “What the hell were they thinking?” BDS moments, this one from Lisa Duggan, the incoming President of the American Studies Association. When we last left the new leader of this once unknown, now infamous, academic organization she was celebrating the “dialog” triggered […]

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