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Google will never divest…

Jeff Goldberg has been on a roll this week, following up the interview I mentioned last posting with this one in which he talks with authors Dan Senor and Saul Singer and their new book Start Up Nation which documents the phenomenal economic success of the entrepreneurial Israeli economy. While I could quibble about some […]

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Product Boycotts

I’ve not talked a lot about consumer product boycotts directed against Israel, perhaps because those have not been a major component of BDS in the US. Up in Canada, however, consumer boycotts seem to be more popular. I suspect that some of reason behind the phenomena is geographical. The concentration of population and media in […]

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National Lawyer’s Guild – Take 2

A commenter (and National Lawyer’s Guild member) posted an excerpt from one of the many long-winded NLG resolutions condemning the Jewish state for every crime ever conceived (including a re-affirmation of the UN’s infamous and odious Zionism=Racism resolution).  I’ll leave it to readers to determine how much this and other trillion-word tirades written by the […]

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A Fool for a Client – The National Lawyer’s Guild’s BDS Advice

The National Lawyer’s Guild (NLG) has published a helpful guide to the happy-go-lucky boycott, divestment and sanction brigade which purports to help them avoid BDS activity that might land someone in court. Like many “alternative” unions (NLG is basically a left-leaning “answer” to the more established and establishment American Bar Association), the Lawyer’s Guild has […]

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The Battle of Couscous

Well results are still coming in, but as far as I can tell the 600 protestors and 30+ anti-Israel organizations who signed up for the “Battle of Couscous” this weekend managed to hold one minor protest OUTSIDE a Trader Joes in Northern California.  No in-store vandalism has been reported, but even if it had been […]

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Shlock Doctrine

A good friend just published a terrific piece in In These Times on Naomi Klein’s recent championing of divestment against Israel. While I’ve never been that interested in the whole Left-Right battle over the Israeli-Palestinian “narrative” (noticing, as I’ve done over the years, that the conflict often ends up a surrogate for domestic US or […]

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The Union Label

When divestment began to get its hooks into UK labor unions 5-6 years ago, local BDSers crowed that it would only be a matter of time before American labor took up their anti-Israel calls. “Good luck with that,” I recall thinking at the time, remembering my visit to AFL-CIO headquarters back in college where I […]

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This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series More Silliness

Last month’s divestment fiaso at Hampshire College inspired this parody. (It appeared on a few sites in the area. Needless to say, certain members of the “Israel is wrong about everything always” crowd were not amused.): In a further complication to the divestment controversy that continues to roil Hampshire College, today a new student group: […]

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