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PennBDS – Lessons from South Africa

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series BDS and South Africa

This is part of a series of articles based on the program of the upcoming PennBDS conference.  Check out this landing page to find out more. South Africa is so central to the BDS narrative that it’s warranted considerable coverage on this blog.  While I’ll be consolidating themes written about elsewhere in this PennBDS-related entry, anyone interested in […]

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Giving BDS the Fingers

A recent commenter left a note which struggled with a central question many of us deal with in our activist lives, namely: how do we contend with a movement like BDS which is perfectly comfortable bending the truth and shredding the rules of propriety to get its way? Should we become like them and try […]

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Clip Show 4: Bonding with BDS

This piece grew out of my curiousity as to how the Hampshire BDS kids planned to create a feeling of momentum around a program (divestment) that has all but ground to a halt in terms of actual institutions making actual divestment decisions (as opposed to the trivial and/or fake “victories” the divestment crowd has been […]

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