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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

A commenter correctly corrected me with regard to the Africa-Israel Group (which I have been inadvertently calling Israel-Africa). She also pointed me to one of those “divestment-is-on-the-march, wind-at-its-back” stories which noted that protests against the company (which I’ll now call A-I) have actually been taking place for several years. This, I suppose, was meant to […]

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TIAA CREF Divestment Hoax – Are you seeing a pattern?

I don’t know how I missed it (the August doldrums I suppose), but the TIAA CREF divestment hoax turns out to have been the second time (at least) that BDSers have pulled the same stunt of trying to dress up normal, financial business decisions regarding the struggling Israel-Africa company into a story of major financial […]

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