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Last week, I talked about what a genuine BDS victory might look like, and how we would know when it had come about. This has become an important issue since, in most instances when the BDSers sent out a press release announcing their most recent “triumph” (certainly any one that involved boycott or divestment decisions with a […]

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Prove It!

Well things seem to be a bit quiet on Planet BDS land these days. The last big announcement I can see on the BDS Central web site has to do with the Quakers, and (as noted here), we have yet to hear from any of those crowing boycotters as to why – if their victory is so absolute […]

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PennBDS: Hamsphire Conference Planning Transcript

This entry is part 2 of 6 in the series More Silliness

I’ve been attempting to generate all new material in this month’s series of postings paralleling the PennBDS conference agenda, rather than fall back on a “clip show” of previous postings.  But the next item up on their program (entitled “BDS On Campus I: Divestment Workshop”) didn’t really provide an issue to which I could hook a […]

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World to BDS: But you are losers!

This entry is part 3 of 5 in the series BDSFail

Continuing with our run downof why the BDSers’ claim to being non-losers may be factually challenged, it’s time to move from critiquing their claims of success to listing some BDS stories they would prefer not be discussed. While their own list of “successes” seems to break things down by B (boycott), D (divestment) and S […]

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The Thug as Victim

Jim, the blogger behind To Find the Principles has an excellent analysis of how the BDSers who have recently moved from moral blackmail and fraud to outright thuggery are justifying their recent turn to threats and violence to silence their critics. Worth a read in its entirity. Next – Good news from the printer…

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Stream of Consciousness

Well even if actual BDS battles (or even minor skirmishes) have not been in the news recently, there does seem to be a fair amount of talk on the subject of late. The highest profile of these debates took place on the pages of The Huffington Post where French philosopher Bernard-Henry Levi (or “BHL” as […]

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What’s Behind BDS?

I’m still waiting for more news on the latest apparent BDS hoax coming out of Canada, but in the meantime a commenter’s point about previous hoaxes involving, among other organizations the Red Cross, alerted me that it might be worth mentioning one of the main theses of this site (especially to the many new readers […]

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BDS Avatar?

The best BDS hoax story yet has just arrived from Canada, causing one of those truly “you can’t make this stuff up!” moments. I spent much of last year chronicling the tendency of boycott and divestment activists to make fraudulent claims of victory, from the academic hoax at Hampshire, to false claims that the financial […]

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Blame Canada

I’m hoping to get to the hundred-post mark sometime in February (which is why you may see some shorter pieces here than usual over the next couple of weeks 😉 ). Word has it that Carleton University is the next target for the BDS “juggernaut.” “For the past four and a half years, BDS has […]

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