Sanctions Go Global!

Emotions must be running high in BDS-land these days, given that their activity has finally triggered sanctions, that is, official government denunciation and punishment of someone or something those governments consider to be repugnant.  And not just in the US, but across the globe.

Sadly, the holy “S” of the BDS project is being directed at the BDSers themselves, rather than their hated Zionist enemy.

In the UK, the government has outlawed local councils from establishing their own foreign policy (which largely amounted to embracing the Israel = Apartheid propaganda agenda, while ignoring the suffering of anyone else in the world).  In France, a government which has shown far too much patience as an anti-Semitic cancer metastasized within their borders has decided to start the fight against anti-Jewish racism by lashing out against the racism of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions “movement.”

While the government in Germany has similarly lashed out against the boycotters, a German bank has shut down the account of an organizations pushing BDS.

And this is on top of the increasing momentum we’ve seen in the US where state governments are now jumping on the bandwagon to pass anti-BDS sanctions legislation.

Keep in mind that these are the same governments the boycotters have been lobbying for over a decade to pass anti-Israel sanctions which could be used to convince the gullible that the campaign to slime the Jewish state has broad public support.

Given that BDS success at even one of these governing bodies would have been accompanied by fireworks over Omar Barghouti’s house coupled with demands that we all accept any win as evidence of the BDSers “unstoppable momentum,” how are they reacting to those same governments denouncing them?

Needless to say, they are not donning hair shirts and crying over their “losses,” any more than they treat the near tripling of the Israeli economy during the BDS decade as a setback for their project.  Rather, they are portraying attacks on them by elected bodies as more evidence that their “staggering success” is so staggering that “The Man” is now doing everything in its power to stop them.

The game of politics is largely a game of story creation, and every political candidate and campaign does its best to get a preferred storyline lodged into public consciousness before an opponent’s story gets stuck there first.

Now there is nothing wrong with the fact that everyone tries to “out-story” everyone else in any type of campaign.  You can see this unfolding during our current Presidential campaign season which includes a candidate who is responsible for criminal abuse of communication privilege or the victim of a “right-wing witch hunt” (depending on whose story you believe).

In exporting the Arab-Israeli conflict to the rest of the world, the Israel haters are trying to sell a story involving Israeli demons gleefully torturing pristine Palestinian innocents for the fun of it, one which – for better or for worse – does not compete with a similar pro-Israeli story-formation campaigns designed to smear their foes (or even tell the whole honest truth about them).

The reason why Israel and her friends are not blanketing the planet with anti-Palestinian, anti-Arab or anti-Muslim propaganda is that one doesn’t spend every waking hour condemning those you want to ultimately live in peace with and insisting everyone else join you in declaring your opponents to be the enemy of all mankind.

Fortunately, this hasn’t prevented Israel and its allies from telling the truth about the lying, callous and wholly hypocritical project called BDS, and for others (including the aforementioned national and state governments) from expressing outrage by formally condemning and even sanctioning the “movement.”

So it is our job to replace the story the BDSers prefer everyone believe (that everything represents victory for them – including defeat) with one that says the sanctions that boycotters have been begging governments to impose on Israel for decades, have finally been imposed on them.