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The Brain on BDS

The sheer amount of reality that must be ignored to maintain a BDS mindset can sometimes seem staggering. Middle East commentator Max Boot lists the number of obvious truths that must be denied in order to portray Israel as the sole or primary aggressor in the most recent clash between the IDF and Hamas in […]

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Fantasy Island

A couple of weeks back, I was sitting with some friends at work talking about the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) forces that had set up camp within about 15 minutes from our office. Apparently, the day before the OWS group had obtained a court order that would temporarily prevent their forced eviction. And, in celebration, […]

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Stopping the BDS Rot

The Forward published a piece recently highlighting the divestment “movement’s” hypocrisy in demanding the world boycott Israeli universities while simultaneously demanding that boycotters who teach or attend these schools continue to enjoy the privileges of a subsidized education or tenure. Ha’aretz had an equally entertaining piece on the BDS crowd’s willingness to latch onto and […]

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