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I promised to post some news on the BDS comings and goings abroad, and the two stories that have made the international press of late include boycott and divestment attempts at the University of Johannesburg in South Africa and at the municipality of Marrickville in Australia. Regarding the former, I wrote last year on the […]

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I just checked out of a hotel overlooking the United Nations and I must say the building looks a lot smaller and shabbier than it did when I visited in 40 years ago. Now I know relative sizes have changed since I stopped Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF, and that the UN maintains many newer facilities well […]

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I had an iphone “moment of truth” last week while attending one of the many “Ignore the Fact that the Arab World is in Flames and Instead Listen to Us Rehash Accusations Against Israel for the Umpteenth Time” events that take place at Boston College every Spring. This one featured Tel Aviv University professor Anat […]

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Given the pretention and shrillness of the self-declared Jewish Voice for Peace organization, sometimes the easiest approach to such a group is mockery and ridicule. But given their most recent pronouncementregarding escalating clashes between Israel and Gaza, paired with the group’s escalating demands that it be granted immediate and unconditional entrance to any “Big Tent” […]

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Giving Peace a Chance

Outside of responding to the occasional comment, I tend to avoid talking about general political matters (domestic and international) on this site, if for no other reason than there exist an infinite number of places to fight the Arab-Israeli conflict online, but only a few places where the specific subject of BDS can be analyzed […]

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Welcome to Jewish Voice for Peace – DT!

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series More Silliness

I’ve decided to start my own branch of the organization Jewish Voice for Peace here in the Boston area. The mission of my new branch, which will be called JVP-DT for the time being, will be to communicate the Divest This message that all attempts to target Israel with Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions are not […]

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One of the things I really appreciated about NGO Monitor’s provocative BDS Sewer System concept is it’s illustration of how accusations against Israel are “laundered” through respected (or, at least once respectable) organizations in order to provide BDS campaigners ammunition needed for their propaganda war. I’ve spoken before about the song-and-dance BDS proponents need to […]

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Time to forgo my usual thousand words for some pictures, starting with my favorite “Israel-Apartheid Week” poster of the year: The IAW concept was already looking tattered before the indifference of IAW protestors to the corpses of thousands of Arab political protestors littering the streets of Libya and beyond exposed their hypocrisy to all. And […]

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The Thug as Victim

Jim, the blogger behind To Find the Principles has an excellent analysis of how the BDSers who have recently moved from moral blackmail and fraud to outright thuggery are justifying their recent turn to threats and violence to silence their critics. Worth a read in its entirity. Next – Good news from the printer…

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