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When Boaz Modai finished his posting as the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, he published an intriguing article in the Irish Independent that talked about the subject of memory. In that piece, he compared his experience to that of Bill Murray in the film Groundhog Day, finding an equivalent between Murray’s continually waking up on the […]

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Bigger Picture – Civilization and Its Enemies

This entry is part 4 of 9 in the series Big Picture (9 parts)

Keen-eyed readers may have noticed the reference at the very end of my last piece to Civilization and Its Enemies, the first book by one of the most important philosophers writing today: Lee Harris. In his now famous essay, Al Qaeda’s Fantasy Ideology, Harris first discussed the role fantasy plays in individuals and societies, and […]

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In previous versions of this piece published during past divestment campaigns, I have described the tactics of those who advocate divestment the hardest, those that push organizations to put the divestment agenda ahead of all other considerations, as “ruthless.” Yet what does this term mean, beyond highlighting the aggressive, “by-any-means-necessary” nature of these people’s behavior? […]

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