Collosal! Stupendous!

According to the BDS news team from the Alternative Information Center, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions “movement” has moved from simply successes to COLOSSAL SUCCESSES, demonstrated by the fact that many people are going out of their way to buy Israeli goods next week.

How does that work? Well according to the aforementioned Alternative (Reality) Info Center, Israel’s friends are so afraid of the near triumphant BDS juggernaut that they have organized a Buy Israeli Goods Week (similar to several successful Buy Israeli Goods – BIG – Day events earlier this year, not to mention the BUYcott phenomena which has all but shut down boycott protests at retailers) in order to distract from BDS’s endless successes and Israel’s countless crimes.

Like much BDS bombast, this declaration of victory is a bit scant on details. In fact, for an article alleging COLOSSAL SUCCESS, would it be too much trouble for them to list just one of these supposed victories (even Meg Ryan)?

After all, I wasted many hours that could have been spent harvesting and selling organs from innocent Palestinian children instead writing up details supporting my case that BDS is probably one of the biggest political failures in a generation. Would it have been that much trouble for someone writing a few hundred words of Alternative Information on the subject to provide one example to support his or her claims of BDS triumph and Israeli terror at this all-powerful political tactic?

I’ve long ago despaired of hearing from any BDSer ready to jump into the comments section of this site and tell us all about the thousands of victories they are so proud of. But clearly their preference is to dwell in their own world which, like Narnia and Cloud Cuckoo Land, must be far preferable to the land the rest of us dwell in (otherwise known as reality).