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In case you haven’t visited there yet, I recommend you stop by and bookmark the new BDS Global Digest site which is doing a job this site’s never been able to do adequately: providing ongoing reports of BDS and BDS-related stories in the news. Two of their stories seem to point to the Israeli economy […]

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I’ll Be There!

Well now they’ve gone and done it. In their excesses and their deception, in their over-reach and harassment, in their hectoring and their lies, the forces of BDS have summoned from the pages of history and the scrolls of our heritage, the one, the only… Captain Israel! May the diety have mercy on them.

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Now and then (usually in response to comments) I’ve posed the question: what if the world is NOT as the BDSers perceive it? What if there’s even a one-percent chance that the suffering in the region is NOT fueled entirely by Israeli villainy directed at pristinely innocent Palestinians (with no role played by the rest […]

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BDS Video

I guess I’m a late-comer to pointing out this video (thanks to everyone who sent me a link): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnpilMYsR0I

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