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Autumn Updates

Time to catch up on a couple of stories from earlier this year. Starting with the forever-coming, but never-arriving “cultural boycott,” I’ve already pointed out that the spillover effect of Elvis Costello’s decision to ditch his Israeli fans didn’t seem to extend to his own bedroom (Costello’s wife Diana Krall played Israel over the summer). […]

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Strategy and Tactics: Let’s Talk About Us

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Strategy

Over the last week, I’ve tried to lay out some observations about the size, scope and nature of the two sides of the BDS debate. A previous discussion of tactics focused on the other side’s traditional framework for advancing its cause. In this final installment, I’d like to switch to a discussion of our choices. […]

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Oh Say Can UC

And now for some updates on the shenanigans still showing up on my radar as the various University of California divestment resolutions finish off their death scenes as the academic year winds to a close. To begin, at Stanford (and please forgive me for being repetitiously redundant): Divestment Loses Again! No news there, although one […]

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Jew vs. Jew

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Jew vs. Jew

One of the more challenging aspects of dealing with BDS is the number of Jews (including Israelis) who seem to be highly involved on both sides of the issue. “Another Jew/Israeli for Divestment” read stickers worn by several BDSers who crammed the Senate meetings at Berkeley (and elsewhere), reflecting that many divestment groups not only […]

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Fear Not: Goldberg is in the House

Tonight students at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego (UCSD) will be each taking a stand on the divestment resolutions that have plagued both campuses this semester. I hope to report on any results tomorrow, but in the meantime I was trying to think of what might inspire students at both universities, as well as […]

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Missed these BDS Fiascos

I’ve been so busy covering BDS getting kicked down the stairs at Berkeley over the last couple of weeks, I’ve neglected a few additional divestment defeats during that period, including: * The Swedish Cooperative Union has ruled out boycotts of Israeli goods at Swedish cooperative stores. (Perhaps they are following the Rochdale Principles on political […]

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