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BDS Lessons Learned – Who are We?

This entry is part 4 of 6 in the series Lessons Learned

Some current goings on in the world of academic divestment (at Oxford University as well as the University of California system) provide insight into the next lesson I learned while studying the BDS “movement,” a lesson regarding the nature of the organizations supporting and opposing BDS propaganda programs. I’ve already talked about the sociopathic and […]

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Tactics – Doing Stuff

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Tactics

I had meant to post a couple of entries on the subject of tactics last week, but the Great Hummus Wars and a couple of other side projects delayed that a bit. So let’s kick things off today with some tactical considerations drawn from BDS and anti-BDS activities that have been taking place since school […]

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Strategy and Tactics: Let’s Talk About Us

This entry is part 6 of 6 in the series Strategy

Over the last week, I’ve tried to lay out some observations about the size, scope and nature of the two sides of the BDS debate. A previous discussion of tactics focused on the other side’s traditional framework for advancing its cause. In this final installment, I’d like to switch to a discussion of our choices. […]

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Missed these BDS Fiascos

I’ve been so busy covering BDS getting kicked down the stairs at Berkeley over the last couple of weeks, I’ve neglected a few additional divestment defeats during that period, including: * The Swedish Cooperative Union has ruled out boycotts of Israeli goods at Swedish cooperative stores. (Perhaps they are following the Rochdale Principles on political […]

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Berkeley BDS and Democracy

Most of the “by losing, we really won” arguments from the BDSers defeated in last week’s Berkeley divestment battle are like this piece by Jewish Voice for Peace/Muzzlewatch Queen Cecilie Surasky, who substitutes the excitement of getting hundreds of people in a room to bash Israel for ten hours for actual political success. If such […]

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Berkeley Nu?

While I’d hoped to have some news vis-a-vis Berkeley by this morning, it sounds like the debate which started last night at 7 PM is still going on…at 3 AM West Coast time! Perhaps this wasn’t just a simple little generic human rights resolution (with Israel just used as an example, of course) after all…

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