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PCUSA and the Power of Reason

Will Spotts, my partner at the Bearing Witness site dedicated to fighting anti-Israel animus within the Presbyterian Church, have a little contest going to see who can take the longest to get to the point. There is a philosophical message regarding this little bit of self-deprication at the expense of our somewhat-longish prose. For you […]

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This and That

Just a few links in today’s update. First off, I wrote a feature that appeared in today’s Jerusalem Post that updates the BDS story for the last 1-2 years. Most regular readers will be familiar with the themes and stories which this piece gathers into a single location. Will Spotts, my partner on the Bearing […]

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The PCUSA Agenda

Will Spotts, my friend and partner over at Bearing Witness 2010 recently wrote up a list of the issues that will be coming before the PCUSA General Assembly relating to the Middle East. In brief, they include resolutions and reports that ask the church to officially: “· divest from Caterpillar “· strongly denounce Caterpillar “· […]

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