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Tactics – Doing Stuff

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I had meant to post a couple of entries on the subject of tactics last week, but the Great Hummus Wars and a couple of other side projects delayed that a bit. So let’s kick things off today with some tactical considerations drawn from BDS and anti-BDS activities that have been taking place since school […]

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Tactics – Language

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Continuing on the topic of tactics (hey! alliteration!), one of the main elements of the “even-when-we-lose-we-win” tactic of the BDS “movement” is their declaration that even when they lose (which is always), they have actually “won” because the subject of their choice (Israel’s guilt) has become a topic of conversation within the community or organization […]

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Tactics – Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

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One of the things that continually surprised me about BDS battles within a university or other institution is how unsurprising they are. BDS itself generally has but one tactic: to find a progressive institution and (often working behind the scenes) to convince them that their principles leave them no choice other than the embrace the […]

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Tactics – Metaphors

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For the first time, I’m stacked up with two promised essays. This one closes off the discussion of tactics from last week. And Sandy – I promise some thoughts before the holidays on your situation regarding what to do when you feel you must do something about problems in the Middle East. So wrapping up […]

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