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Culture of Dignity

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Among those covering or participating in the fight against BDS and similar propaganda campaigns on college campuses, I’ve always been one of the least enthusiastic for the tactic of turning to college administrators to solve the problems supporters of Israel (and Jews in general) face at more and more schools. Perhaps this reflects my preference for […]

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Culture of Victimhood

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The concept of a “Culture of Victimhood” will be familiar to most people who have observed or participated in debates over behaviors seen on college campuses (and elsewhere) over the last several decades. The notion of establishing victimhood as a means of social control has been applied to a variety of situations, from debates over […]

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What can BDS Teach Us About the Culture Wars?

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Many who criticize outrageous forms of behavior on college campuses, from “micro-aggression” to “safe spaces,” warn (either out of fear or glee) that once students who have been sheltered from challenging ideas and conflict enter the “real world,” they will quickly discover what it’s like to encounter an obstacle without “daddy” there to intervene. While […]

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A Culture of Pride

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Culture Wars

There are several ways to approach today’s problems of campus unrest. The first is to treat them not as a challenge to the current moral order, but rather as a “moral panic” that will eventually burn itself out. That phrase, used a couple of times in this series, describes a phenomenon that emerges in most […]

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