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A Disproportional Response

The boycotters have been wetting themselves over last month’s “victory” getting 50 student groups at New York University (NYU) to jointly pledge a boycott of not just Israel, but campus groups (i.e., organizations created and run by other NYU students) and off-campus groups (such as Birthright, StandWithUs and the ADL) that support the Jewish state. […]

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BDS Overreach

Commentary Magazine recently ran a piece about the bad month just experienced by the forces of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions. My regular reader will be familiar with the three stories cited as examples of the BDSers shooting themselves in one-another’s feet: their Matisyahu/Sunsplash fiasco, the immediate rescinding of a boycott motion in the capital of […]

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Discerning God’s Will at the Society for Biblical Studies

Israel’s friends on college campuses have gotten used to boycott advocates scheduling their events and votes during Shabbat and the Jewish holidays.  But apparently, church-based anti-Israel partisans have begun to realize the advantages of holding their programs during the holiest days on the Jewish calendar. Data point one (OK, it’s my only one right now […]

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