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American Historical Society and BDS – Strike Two!

By now, most of you have probably heard the good news that the American Historical Association (AHA) has voted down a motion “critical of Israel” (i.e., the best the BDSers could do in an environment where their squalid little boycotts are treated with understandable suspicion) by a 2:1 margin. The group responsible for forcing this […]

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Academic Boycott Blues

Recent anti-Israel votes by academic associations (notably ones devoted to anthropology and women’s studies) were shocking, but not surprising. Shock derives from the fact that academic boycotts have always been the most loathed of all boycott, divestment and sanctions activities, given how they collide with and threaten the very academic freedom upon which every scholar […]

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The A Word

Like so much else that comes from the mouths or pens of the BDSers, claims that Israel and its supporters routinely use accusations of anti-Semitism to stifle debate is really a projection of the boycotters’ own behavior onto others. One need only look through the comment section of pro-Israel websites (including this one) to see […]

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Is Orange Really the New Blackshirt?

Wow!  A lot going on in both the BDS and anti-BDS universes this last week. I’m going to focus on the BDS-related story that’s created the most news and havoc all year, statements (albeit conflicting ones) regarding the European telecom provider Orange and their Israeli customers/partners.  And, in a subsequent piece, I’ll take a look […]

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Justice Prevails in Olympia

The most welcome bit of good news all year comes from Olympia Washington where the Washington Supreme Court not only threw out a punitive (and absurd) six-figure fine imposed on Olympia Food Coop members who brought suit against the Coop, but chucked out the state statute that allowed such a travesty of justice to be […]

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