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The Price

The price even a non-intentional embrace of anti-Israel propaganda places on the believer was brought home to me during a recent conversation with a good friend, whose opinion I respect on all matters, who was aghast at the bloodletting at the Gaza border over the last month. Interestingly, she was willing to accept that the […]

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Yoram Hazony’s Paradigm Shift

While the recent series on Robert Wistrich’s From Ambivalence to Betrayal focused on a conflict that’s always close to the surface in any Middle East debate (i.e., who plays what role in our Left-Right political continuum when it comes to the Arab-Israeli conflict), an article by Yoram Hazony (one of the most insightful political thinkers of […]

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From Ambivalence to Betrayal – 2

This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series Left vs. Right

One of the reasons why fights over the Middle East (whether they involve BDS or some other propaganda effort) tend to immediately be cast in terms of Left vs. Right is because the majority of attacks on the Jewish state these days come wrapped in Left-leaning vocabulary. This is not to say that card-carrying right […]

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Consistency and Gaza Propaganda

As human beings, we crave consistency.  Or at the very least, inconsistency leaves us enormously uncomfortable.  Which is why the most effective accusation you can throw at a political adversary is not that they are liars (which requires you to get into a debate over what constitutes “the truth,”) but that they are hypocrites (which […]

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Patterns and Propaganda

As I mentioned yesterday, part of the reason for this new site update is to provide better access to resources for those who might encounter an acceleration of BDS-related activity in the wake of the recent flare-up along the Israeli-Gaza border. And how can I be so sure we’re going to see more calls for […]

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Gaza: Here We Go Again

It’s time like these, when the missiles are flying in from Gaza (virtually guaranteeing an escalation in violence), that the true nature of BDS and associated “peace movements” stands revealed. For according to every source and interpretation, one of the things holding the Israeli’s back from immediately retaliating against an enemy opening fire at its […]

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Reality Check – Egypt

News on both the BDS and international fronts keep delaying some of the commentary I was planning to do on the upcoming PCUSA divestment debate (which may be a good thing, given how uncharitably I’ve been feeling about the organization over the last year which will likely lead to some less-than-kindly words I may end […]

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Law – Fini

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series BDS and International Law

One of the most powerful objections one could raise to the critique I’ve been making regarding Israel and international law would be that it is a “shooting the messenger” – style argument.  “So what if the institutions condemning Israel as being in violation of international law are flawed or even corrupt?” the argument goes.  “If […]

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Law – 3

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series BDS and International Law

It’s easy to criticize and even condemn multi-national institutions, even the most successful of them. For example, today historians agree that NATO represents one of the most successful political and military alliances in human history.  But during its entire history, many leaders (American and European, Right and Left) complained bitterly about the institution, decrying it as […]

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Law – 2

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series BDS and International Law

Until very recently, “international law” consisted of agreements (treaties, alliances, trade deals) negotiated between individual nations to cease hostilities, form alliances, or define political and economic spheres of influence.  While “nations” might refer to tiny city states of a few hundred thousand people or empires ruling millions, the treaty – a binding contract between the specific […]

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BDS Washes Up

BDS advocates seem to have recently become obsessed with hygiene, or more specifically what they perceive to be the nefarious washing practices of their political opponents. Most of you are probably aware of the “Pinkwashing” phenomenon.  This arose out of the need for anti-Israel activists, who perceive themselves as not just progressive but the focal […]

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