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The BDS Double Standard

One of the most common challenges to the Divest-nista crowd is why they don’t call and march for divestment against Sudan, China, Libya or any of the totalitarian dictatorships whose daily human rights abuses dwarf anything Israel could have possibly done over the course of 60 years. Generally, their first response is to ignore the […]

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Stopping the BDS Rot

The Forward published a piece recently highlighting the divestment “movement’s” hypocrisy in demanding the world boycott Israeli universities while simultaneously demanding that boycotters who teach or attend these schools continue to enjoy the privileges of a subsidized education or tenure. Ha’aretz had an equally entertaining piece on the BDS crowd’s willingness to latch onto and […]

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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

A commenter correctly corrected me with regard to the Africa-Israel Group (which I have been inadvertently calling Israel-Africa). She also pointed me to one of those “divestment-is-on-the-march, wind-at-its-back” stories which noted that protests against the company (which I’ll now call A-I) have actually been taking place for several years. This, I suppose, was meant to […]

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Where to put your finger?

Sorry for the hiatus (I’m still coming down from a couscous high, with my last box being eaten tonight, accompanying a veal and spinach dish I’ve yet to figure out, but I digress…). Way back when, I promised to respond to questions left on the comments section of the site, and during the whole Trader […]

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I’ve been thinking a bit more about the notion of “fantasy” that I began to discuss in the last posting. As some friends know, I’m a big fan of the writer Lee Harris whose masterpiece, Al Queda’s Fantasy Ideology, is considered to be one of the most insightful things ever written about 9/11. In it, […]

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