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Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc

A commenter correctly corrected me with regard to the Africa-Israel Group (which I have been inadvertently calling Israel-Africa). She also pointed me to one of those “divestment-is-on-the-march, wind-at-its-back” stories which noted that protests against the company (which I’ll now call A-I) have actually been taking place for several years. This, I suppose, was meant to […]

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Where to put your finger?

Sorry for the hiatus (I’m still coming down from a couscous high, with my last box being eaten tonight, accompanying a veal and spinach dish I’ve yet to figure out, but I digress…). Way back when, I promised to respond to questions left on the comments section of the site, and during the whole Trader […]

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I’ve been thinking a bit more about the notion of “fantasy” that I began to discuss in the last posting. As some friends know, I’m a big fan of the writer Lee Harris whose masterpiece, Al Queda’s Fantasy Ideology, is considered to be one of the most insightful things ever written about 9/11. In it, […]

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