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Strategy and Tactics: Language

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Before the academic year comes to a close, I thought it might be useful to discuss topics regarding strategy and tactics in the fight against BDS. I’m kicking off a week-long series on the subject with some thoughts on language. When talking about a political clash between two opposing sides, it’s inevitable that language gets […]

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Jew vs. Jew

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One of the more challenging aspects of dealing with BDS is the number of Jews (including Israelis) who seem to be highly involved on both sides of the issue. “Another Jew/Israeli for Divestment” read stickers worn by several BDSers who crammed the Senate meetings at Berkeley (and elsewhere), reflecting that many divestment groups not only […]

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Fear Not: Goldberg is in the House

Tonight students at UC Berkeley and UC San Diego (UCSD) will be each taking a stand on the divestment resolutions that have plagued both campuses this semester. I hope to report on any results tomorrow, but in the meantime I was trying to think of what might inspire students at both universities, as well as […]

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Blast from the Past: Power

As we await what comes next at UC Berkeley, I thought I’d dredge out some real old stuff, things I wrote years ago when divestment came-a-calling at Somerville, Massachusetts. It’s interesting to note that now that BDS is attempting to use the paddles of life to resurrect itself, how little their arguments (or required rebuttals) […]

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In previous versions of this piece published during past divestment campaigns, I have described the tactics of those who advocate divestment the hardest, those that push organizations to put the divestment agenda ahead of all other considerations, as “ruthless.” Yet what does this term mean, beyond highlighting the aggressive, “by-any-means-necessary” nature of these people’s behavior? […]

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The Bigger Picture

I’m attending my first AIPAC Policy Conference this week and, seeing the organization in action, I can understand why it’s the subject of so much demonology by Israel’s enemies. While I’ll have more to say about the experience in the coming days, suffice to say that this is one American Jewish organization that has its […]

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Why do this?

Now that this site has finally reached critical mass (which, in blog-speak, means family members have started asking why I’m spending so much time focusing on this particular issue), I thought it might be worth republishing something I wrote five years ago at the end of my first divestment battle. It was when I was […]

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Clip Show 3: On My Honor

Unfortunately, this piece (which was published the week before the Hampshire BDS conference) triggered a pretty familiar right-left debate over attacks on Scouting as an institution over the last couple of decades. Not that this isn’t a debate worth having, it’s just that the Boy Scouts seems to transcend the issues of the day, which […]

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Unpacking the PACBI Excuse

In my last entry, I pointed out the various excuses the boycott-Israel crowd uses when forced to confront their clear double-standard on human rights stances (i.e., Israel deserves to be boycotted for building a separate fence to keep suicide bombers from its cities, but Syria and China should not be boycotted since they merely killed […]

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The BDS Double Standard

One of the most common challenges to the Divest-nista crowd is why they don’t call and march for divestment against Sudan, China, Libya or any of the totalitarian dictatorships whose daily human rights abuses dwarf anything Israel could have possibly done over the course of 60 years. Generally, their first response is to ignore the […]

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