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How Pinkwashing Makes You Dumb

It continues to be an open question whether stupid people gravitate towards joining the BDS “movement” vs. participating in BDS itself lowering one’s iQ. One of the things that makes this a tough call is that participating in BDS and associated propaganda activity requires you to believe so many demonstrably false things (Jenin, Jenin, anyone), […]

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With little time to blog as this year comes to an end, it’s tempting to do a run-down of some of the good news that’s come our way (like the recent reversal of that outrageous vote within the graduate student union in California to join the BDS “movement”) as well as ominous tidings (such as […]

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A Culture of Pride

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Culture Wars

This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Culture WarsThere are several ways to approach today’s problems of campus unrest. The first is to treat them not as a challenge to the current moral order, but rather as a “moral panic” that will eventually burn itself out. That phrase, used a couple of […]

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Culture of Victimhood

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Culture Wars

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Culture WarsThe concept of a “Culture of Victimhood” will be familiar to most people who have observed or participated in debates over behaviors seen on college campuses (and elsewhere) over the last several decades. The notion of establishing victimhood as a means of social control […]

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Culture of Dignity

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Culture Wars

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Culture WarsAmong those covering or participating in the fight against BDS and similar propaganda campaigns on college campuses, I’ve always been one of the least enthusiastic for the tactic of turning to college administrators to solve the problems supporters of Israel (and Jews in general) face […]

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As the “Knifing Intifada” preludes yet another round of Palestinian violence that will once again be blamed on the victims, it might seem an odd time for a fiction review (the first on this site, I believe – unless you count coverage of the Hampshire divestment hoax). But Howard Jacobson’s 2014 Novel J (or J […]

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Beyond Chutzpah

Last week, many of the organizations behind the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions “movement” decided to take time away from shouting pro-Israel speakers off various stages, bringing their political opponents up on charges within student government, and trying to get Israelis (although just the Jewish ones) banned from participation in scholarly discourse through academic boycotts to […]

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The A Word

Like so much else that comes from the mouths or pens of the BDSers, claims that Israel and its supporters routinely use accusations of anti-Semitism to stifle debate is really a projection of the boycotters’ own behavior onto others. One need only look through the comment section of pro-Israel websites (including this one) to see […]

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When Boaz Modai finished his posting as the Israeli Ambassador to Ireland, he published an intriguing article in the Irish Independent that talked about the subject of memory. In that piece, he compared his experience to that of Bill Murray in the film Groundhog Day, finding an equivalent between Murray’s continually waking up on the […]

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Iran and the Principle of Charity

Because this site is trying to draw larger conclusions from a deep look at a narrow subject (BDS), I tend to avoid direct commentary on “Big Issue” political matters related to the Middle East, especially since so many others are writing about these topics based on high levels of expertise.  But there are a few […]

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One of the great frustrations when dealing with BDS propagandists is the difficulty getting them (or anyone else) to acknowledge the yawning chasm between their zeal to fight for “Justice for Palestine” when denizens of that land come under Israeli jurisdiction and their complete indifference to the suffering of those same Palestinians (or anyone else) at […]

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Narratives – Theirs and Ours

A commenter on my last post regarding narratives brought up a point made frequently when discussing why Israel and its supporters seem to never be able to provide a compelling and stable counter-narrative to the “Israel=Apartheid” one proffered by BDS propagandists. His point (that Israel and its friends are too longwinded) is certainly well taken […]

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