Like Romans – BDS and War


As promised, I’ve pulled together the material written for Algemeiner over the last few months into an essay on how the language of war can help us to best understand and defeat the BDS “movement.”  Consider comprehension of the chosen title (“Like Romans”) as an prize/Easter Egg for those who make it through the whole thing.

You can download a PDF version of the work here, or visit the Divest This publications page for links to all the longer works that have been published on this site.  I’ve also uploaded the book to Scribd which allows you to more easily share it with your friends and allies.

I’ve also put together a Kindle version of the book that is currently going through testing.  If any adventurous Kindle users want to try it on their device and give me feedback, you can request a copy via the Contact Page.

While this work is targeted towards fellow hard core activists trying to think through the best options for winning the BDS propaganda wars, I’m hoping anyone confused about or interested in contributing to the struggle will learn something from it.

Now back to the front!




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