American Studies Association Boycott – Background Info

OK – Time to get down to business on the matter that really dragged me out of retirement: the American Studies Association’s boycott (or, to be more specific, their implementation of an academic boycott) directed against you-know-who.

I actually broke silence in December when this matter was being put before members of the organization for a vote in a series of posts graciously hosted by my friends over at CIFwatch.

Here are links to those pieces if you want to glean some of the general arguments I’ll be building on as I take a look at the aftermath of the organization’s vote that took place earlier in January.

Divest This! A modest proposal to the American Studies Association

American Studies Association leaders to members: Dear Mindless Sheep

American Studies Association ‘boycott Israel’ motion: The Justification

American Studies Association purges their Facebook page of critical comments

Proposed ASA boycott of Israeli academics is a guaranteed moral fail

How ASA Became RASA (Racist American Studies Association)

Next Up: “One has to start somewhere.”

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