Max Brenner – Supremely Epic BDS Fail

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Hey guys.  I’m thinking of auditioning for The Onion.  What do you think?

A group from Northeastern University’s Self-Righteous Asshole community made their presence known last night as they marched in front of Max Brenner’s restaurant and chocolate shop in downtown Boston for close to two hours, demanding that people not buy chocolate on Valentine’s Day in protest of something or other.

“We came to make a statement,” said Joshua Amarilla, a student from Stoughton, MA currently studying comparative literature and a leading member of the Self-Righteous Asshole organization at Northeastern.  “This chocolate shop is involved with evil, EVIL I tell you.  And if you look through this seven page flowchart I printed up, you’ll understand why buying cocoa here contributes to repression, Apartheid and other acts of evilness.”

“This protest has our full support,” says Anna Federman, a long-time leader in the wider Boston-based Self-Righteous Asshole community.  “For, as a Jew, I want to loudly condemn all other Jews – including Jewish chocolatiers – who don’t do what we say, and don’t immediately acknowledge that we are both right about all things and morally superior to them in every way.”

“Oh, and did I mention I’m Jewish?” Federman continued.

When asked why the event turned out just 15 people, Amarilla responded angrily.  “Hey, we had 80 people say they’d show up on our Facebook page, so that should count for something” he bellowed.  “After all, 80 is a lot higher than 15!”

The protest did not proceed without incident.  “At least one patron at Max Brenner’s actively tried to muzzle my freedom of speech by telling me to ‘fuck off’ when I handed him some of the literature I spent all night Photoshopping,” said Thomas Herman, a visiting Self-Righteous Asshole from Tufts.  (Waiting times to get into the Max Brenner’s grew to an hour during the period the protesters were insisting a boycott was the patrons’ only moral choice.)

The patron involved with the incident, Anthony Capone (a part-time physical therapist from Somerville) had this to say about what occurred: “After six weeks of effort, I finally got the girl from the office next door (26 year old Alison McNeeley, also from Somerville) to go out with me – on Valentine’s Day as luck would have it.  And just when I was about to make my move, this douchebag stuffs a leaflet into my hand and starts talking about Apartheid.  Honestly, he’s lucky I didn’t smack him across the street.”

“Whether we had 15 people protesting or 50 or 500 doesn’t matter,” responded Amarilla to continued questioning of why their weeks-long call to action ended in a protest barely noticed by the passers-by (much less the hundreds of people inside Max Brenner’s).  “After all, the point is to get people talking about issues that matter to us, specifically about how cool and edgy we are.”

And as it turned out, the event did generate more than twenty tweets during the 12 hours since the protest began, at least four of which were not written by the protestor’s themselves.  Typical of the level of conversation the protest triggered was this one in which a local Bostonian, responding to another tweet that Brenner’s was being picketed, asked: “Gosh, is the food really that bad?”

Apparently not since, in a related story, Max Brenner’s in Boston reports that yesterday was the most successful day in its two-year history and may represent the highest level of Valentine’s Day sales at any Max Brenner’s in the world.

Among the customers who flooded the shop during the course of the day were many Northeastern students who were not available for comment due to the fact that they were all sleeping off a chocolate high.

Members of Northeastern’s Self-Righteous Asshole community were also not available for a follow up interview, having chosen to celebrate their “victory” by locking themselves in their rooms.

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6 Responses to Max Brenner – Supremely Epic BDS Fail

  1. Stop BDS Park Slope February 15, 2013 at 6:50 pm #

    Not bad. You had me going for a minute, when I thought the quotes were real.

    Did the store seriously have a super-successful day? I forwarded a tweet that reported 100 people in the store.


    • JayinPhiladelphia February 15, 2013 at 9:30 pm #

      The ‘Anna Federman’ character certainly isn’t too far off the mark, though I’m pretty sure the “as a Jew” line would typically come *before* the “this protest has out full support” part…

  2. Zach February 15, 2013 at 9:38 pm #

    Awesome but it’s spelled “douchebag.” It’s very important to be accurate when describing BDSholes. All we need know is some pictures of the epic failure!

    • DivestThis February 16, 2013 at 12:46 pm #

      Fixed (wouldn’t want this parody to be accused of innaccuracy, after all).


  3. BDS February 15, 2013 at 9:58 pm #

    Hey Jon, I don’t think that the Onion will take you given that they rarely publish work by apologists for racist, illiberal, and destructive policies which have ruined millions of lives over the span of several decades. If you want a sample of what the Onion usually has to say about Israel-Palestine, check out these links:

    “8-Year-Old Palestinian Boy Pleasantly Surprised He Hasn’t Been Killed Yet”,30446/

    Israel Intercepts Massive Palestinian Rock Shipment,1694/

    Maybe you’d fair better if you started your own anti-Palestinian version of the Onion, although I doubt you’d appeal to a very wide audience outside of the 10 or so frequenters of this website.

    • DivestThis February 16, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

      I wasn’t quite sure where to start with this latest commentary from the one member of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions “movement” at least willing to attempt a defense of the flailing BDS project.

      At first I considered pointing out the utter humorlessness required to respond to a parody with the standard BDS response of arch OUTRAGE!!!!! Or perhaps I could point out that The Onion is a humor newspaper which (while I might use it as a template for a particular style of parody) really isn’t something one should use as an important news source to back up your arguments (unless you’re a BDSer willing to claim anything – including deliberately published nonsense – as a demonstration of victory).

      But the accusation of racism that starts his attempt at a tirade provides us the greatest insight into the anti-Israel mindset. After all, this is a “movement” that avoids engaging in any substantial argument with critics by insisting (utterly inaccurately) that the only thing those critics ever do is hurl unfair accusations of anti-Semitism cynically designed to shut them up.

      But once again, this proves to be just another BDS projection since it is they (not we) who routinely accuse their opponents of racism at the drop of a skullcap. Like their accusations of indifference to human rights and support for illiberal governments and movements, the cynical use of accusations of bigotry in order to shut down conversation is just a description of the BDS personality projected onto their opponents.

      So the next time you hear any of these accusations, keep in mind that this is really the way the BDSers provide a window into their own souls.

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