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Veolia – Ain’t the truth pretty?

Every now and then, someone steps up and does the legwork regarding debunking BDS claims so well that one can only stare at their work in silent admiration. But having gotten that silent moment out of the way, it’s time to praise this remarkable piece of research by the UK groups Lawyers for Israel and Christian Middle East Watch which helps […]

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I frequently find myself flabbergasted by the way the forces of BDS, while trying to seize the reputation of someone else for their own purposes, repeatedly shred their own reputation in the process. And no divestment story I’ve ever encountered illustrates this phenomena better than this week’s hijacking of the University of California Student Association (UCSA). If […]

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What is it about Israel haters and the Jewish holidays? Any number of you out there can probably list the times anti-Israel events, conferences, programs and activities were scheduled to begin, oh, around sundown on Friday and continue until right around sundown Saturday. But last weekend, we seemed to have entered new territory in which […]

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Time on Their Hands

My current semi-hiatus from Divest This blogging (i.e., not a leave of absence, but a temporary lowering of posting frequency during a period when I’ve been involved with a particularly engaging work project) has gotten me thinking about another advantage enjoyed by the BDSers vs. their opponents. For while I have been expending creative energy in other […]

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A response to Mike

As I mentioned a couple of weeks back, some obligations in the second half of the year have left me with limited time to, among other thing, post or respond as frequently to comments as I would like. But one of our visitors (Mike who runs the excellent site Israel Thrives) was taken enough with the […]

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