Methodist Divestment – This Just In!

Well the votes are in from the Methodist General Conference in Tampa.  And (what’s that phrase I’m looking for?), oh yes… BDS loses again.

At the end of the day, the votes weren’t even close.  I say “votes” because there were actually a set of ballots that made up the biggest defeat for divestment this year.

As mentioned earlier, a large number of divestment resolutions (both pro- and anti-) came before appropriate committees last week where some were kept, some jettisoned and others combined and modified with one main divestment resolution brought to the floor.  And that resolution was substantially amended to remove language targeting Israel and replace it with calls for positive investment and peacemaking.

Needless to say, positive investment (nor peacemaking for that matter) is not something on the agenda of any self-respecting BDSer.  And so they put all their eggs into getting the majority opinion (the amended resolution) voted down and their own minority opinion (their original resolution) passed from the conference floor.  These are the votes where they lost big, with their minority report rejected and the amended (non-divestment) resolution passing by margins of 2-3:1.

I’ll have more details in the coming hours/days, but before logging out I wanted to highlight how difficult it will be for TeamBDS to spin today’s failure (for them) in any positive direction, given that they’ve been spending the last week declaring the majority opinion that passed an act of cowardice and complicity that flew in the face of human rights, Methodist doctrine and the opinions of God him/herself.  Having spent so much time painting today’s vote in such stark (and dark) colors, it will be a challenging task for them to suddenly find a silver lining.

But I wouldn’t put it past them.

More soon.

4 thoughts on “Methodist Divestment – This Just In!”

  1. I imagine the spin would be something about the 66/33 margin of defeat. Trendlines, baby!

    Recommend phrasing: “We got a full third of the vote!”

    Unrecommended phrasing: “We did almost as well as Barack Obama in Utah!”

  2. Here is their spin: “…However, we have achieved a great victory nonetheless. We have succeeded in raising awareness amongst the general public and in our churches about the suffering of Palestinians, including Palestinian Christians, living under Israel’s nearly 45-year-old military occupation, and the colonization of their lands. The brutal reality of the Israeli occupation can no longer be hidden, and the myth that Christians are leaving the Holy Land because of Muslim pressure has been exposed as false. Palestinian Christians who traveled 6,000 miles to share their reality told delegates that they suffer alongside their Muslim neighbors from Israel’s occupation…”

    This is from Electronic Intifada to which I do not provide linsk.

  3. At least they said “45-year-old military occupation”. I guess they save the “64 year occupation” language for their internal communications.

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