JVP Hagaddah – Oy!

Well it took some doing, but my faithful team of dumpster divers managed to unearth an early draft of Jewish Voice for Peace’s most-remarkable Hagaddah.

It’s clearly a markup version, but it provides keen insight into the true soul of BDS.



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3 thoughts on “JVP Hagaddah – Oy!”

  1. Its my understanding that in the final draft, JVP used pepper spray instead of maror- to symbolize the bitterness of the world-wide Zionist neo-con conspiracy towards the righteous purity of JVP.

  2. Everyone's a critic:

    I envision Jewish Voice for peace having a slice of raisin pumpernickel bread on their seder plate, representing their commitment to sweetening the lives of people of color throughout the world.

    As long as the people of color aren't Jews, of course.

    Just stumbled across a nice expose of JVP clearly written by someone with a long history of dealing with them. Check it out



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