War and Peace (Movement)

If we needed any more evidence that BDS represents the propaganda arm of a war movement (vs. it’s ridiculous self-characterization as a “peace movement,”) the last week’s escalating conflict along the Gaza/Israel border should put the true nature of BDS into proper context.

First, one must realize that the battles being waged today were absolutely, 100% inevitable given Hamas’ ability to rearm and its decision to carry on terror and missile attacks at all cost, regardless of what that might mean to the civilian population its hold captive in the Gaza Strip.

When the last major Israel operation in Gaza ended in 2009 with a cease fire, the usual promises were made by the UN and other international parties (as they were with regard to Lebanon three years earlier) that steps would be taken to ensure the missile buildups and/or missile firing that ensured the original conflict would be brought to heel.  And, needless to say, nothing was done as Hamas (like Hezbollah in Lebanon) obtained more missiles with longer ranges, and insisted they would fire them off at the earliest opportunity (one of the few promises they actually kept).

All during this period, when arms were built up and when missile and terror attacks continued unabated (albeit at a low enough level to avoid a massive Israeli response), those “Friends of the Palestinian People” represented by the BDS “movement,” managed to hold their tongues.

Sure, when pressed into a corner, they could be counted on to issue some mealy-mouthed “of course terror attacks and missile fire are unjustified, BUT what do you expect given Israel’s Apartheid-y nature and war crimes!”  Yet despite allegedly representing “Palestinian civil society,” these BDSers could never manage even the merest squeak to the warlords of Gaza that perhaps, just perhaps, these leader’s irresponsible behavior might lead to needless deaths among the Palestinians the boycotters endlessly claim to represent.

Abroad (including here in the US), silence in the face of a weapons build-up and terror planning and execution became the norm, except to laugh off Israeli “paranoia” over the fact that someone was firing hundreds of missiles into their country (an act of war under any possible definition of the term).  BDSers gathered at U Penn and Harvard just this year, trotting out the usual self-serving history and emotive testimony, all while the Palestinians they constantly tell us they care so much about were being put in harm’s way by a Gaza leadership committed to battle (regardless of the cost).

We saw this same pattern in Lebanon until 2006 and Gaza in 2008: Israeli concerns about missile and terror attacks minimized and mocked, even as those attacks made war inevitable.  Yet once gunfire was directed in two rather than one direction, suddenly these “peace movements” roared to life, marching and chanting in the streets to demand an immediate ceasefire (followed, of course, by war crimes investigations that would be as one-way as the aforementioned missile fire from Gaza).

Worse, you could almost see the gleam in the eyes of those BDS marchers who suddenly found themselves not sharing propaganda films in church basements with the same old aging fanatics, but in the streets with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of supporters.  In fact, while you and I might find the whole notion a bit creepy, it’s striking me as increasingly clear that BDSers live for the moment when war breaks out (regardless of the human cost) since conflict swells their ranks and allows them to strut their self-righteousness in public, demanding an end to a war that their silence helped bring about.

As I’ve noted previously, a pattern is now in place whereby alleged “peace activists” will do nothing while war is being prepared for and actually waged (at least at a low level) by their political allies.  But once two-way shooting starts, out they’ll be in the streets demanding firing cease before those that started the war suffer the consequences of their actions, thus ensuring the next round of fighting (like the one we’re seeing today).  In fact, the pattern is so predictable that Hamas and Hezbollah war planners would be fools not to take it into account as they try to figure out just how many missiles they can fire without inviting retaliation (that will end in anti-Israel protests) or full-scale conflict (which will end in even bigger protests and demands for cease fires).

We now have enough data points to highlight that this supposed “peace movement” is really only interested in ensuring one side (not two) gets to do the shooting.  And whatever you want to call this type of rank hypocrisy and propaganda advocacy on behalf of military belligerents, “peace activism” is not a phrase that comes to mind.

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  1. ““peace activism” is not a phrase that comes to mind.”

    Actually, in the context of this Orwellian world “peace activism” is exactly what comes to mind.


  2. Jon – I think your points are good, but in this particular case, Hamas did not fire the rockets. Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees were the ones responsible (mostly the Jihad). Hamas rules in Gaza, so they're certainly responsible in the larger sense for not stopping the rockets, but they didn't send them this time.

    1. As far as I can tell, Jon checks his facts very carefully. I'm in Israel right now and I was following very closely exactly which terrorist group was responsible for the attacks – the Israeli press is reporting that apparently Islamic Jihad is trying to upstage Hamas, and that's why they were firing the rockets.

    2. It's not a secret that Islamic Jihad is behind the attacks. It's been widely reported even in the American mainstream media.

    3. Hi Rebecca – Thanks for the clarification.

      So just to correct myself, it is not Hamas that is solely responsible for the terror campaign that triggered the most recent warfare. It's Islamic Jihad and other militant fanatics who Hamas partners with, enables and (when necessary) joins forces with who decided to open fire (this time).

      In a small way, this symbiotic relationship reminds me of the inter-relation between Palestinian militants (whether they call themselves Hamas, Islamic Jihad or whatever other name takes their fancy) and anti-Israel war activists like “Team BDS” who provide the cover while other people pull the trigger, and come to the rescue only when those trigger-happy warriors push too far.

    4. What's missing here is that Hamas is the government of Gaza both de jure (they won the election) and de facto (they carried out a coup after the election). Thus, the maintenance of order (however that is defined) and of the security of borders, etc, is their responsibility. It is thus irrelevant which organisation actually launched the rockets at Israel, Hamas is responsible for controlling it. If Hamas doesn't control the orgsanisation responsible, then they have to take the consequences for this.

      A comparable analogy would be that the IDF carried out a raid (retaliatory or not) and then the Israeli government said, in effect, “we didn't do it, someone else did”. Even if the “someone else” was like Irgun in 1948 (assuming that it had retained its weapons after the cease-fire), the de facto/de jure Israeli government would have been responsible for reigning in such actions.

      As is Hamas, and must therefore accept the lumps that come its way for not doing so.
      (I'm happy to publish using my real name, but can't work out how to do this: please advise to email address r.s.goldfarb@btinternet.com

  3. This is right on again.

    Back during the Mavi Marmara incident and the fallout on blogs, I learned that pro-Palestinian activists give themselves the deceptive and wholly inaccurate label of 'peace' activists all the time. The only question is whether they actually believe their own BS.

  4. Richard (“Dick”) Becker, the West Coast director of International ANSWER, said at a rally a few years ago “We are not just for peace, we are for the victory of the resistance!”. Yep, we got that one recorded.

    One would think that peace on the one hand, and ongoing war by the “resistance” on the other, are two mutually exclusive goals, but of course this comes from International ANSWER, which recently held a pro-Assad demo in San Francisco (yep, you read that one right).

  5. Dear Ass-nonymous:
    If you're trying to prove that Hamas is a good and noble movement being smeared by those unruly lads from Islamic Jihad, please give up and assign the task to someone who is more intellectualy capable of doing that than you are, which should narrow it down to about 300 million Americans. None of them WILL be able to make that case, because it doesn't exist, but all of them will sound less pathetic than you do, and isn't that what's important?

  6. If anyone was unclear on BDSers' position on bloodletting by terror groups from Gaza, here is a jaw-dropping statement from JVP-Oregon:

    For immediate release.
    Monday, March 12, 2012

    William Seaman – (503) 888-7455
    Ned Rosch – (503) 381-7011
    Jewish Voice for Peace – Portland, Oregon

    Portland's Jewish Voice for Peace condemns latest Israeli aggression against
    Gaza's population.

    (Portland, Oregon) — The local chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace has called
    for an immediate end to Israeli attacks on Gaza, and for the US government
    to end its support for the operations which have killed at least eighteen
    Palestinians in the last week. “We are heartsick and outraged at this
    latest rampage by the Israeli military, raining down terror upon an already
    traumatized and suffering people,” said William Seaman, a member of the
    Jewish Voice for Peace Portland chapter. “It is especially frightening
    because the entirely predictable response to this latest Israeli aggression,
    the firing of rockets by Gazan militants into civilian regions of Israel,
    has clearly put Israeli civilians at risk, giving the lie to the Israeli
    government's justifications for their attacks.” The Israeli government has
    stated that its attacks on Gaza targeted militants who, they allege, were
    planning an attack inside Israel.

    “Instead of ending the inhumane and brutal siege on Gaza that is directly
    causing needless suffering among many innocent Palestinians, current Israeli
    use of crushing violence against Palestinians in Gaza further escalates a
    lethal situation,” explained Ned Rosch, another member of the Portland JVP

    “The only language the Netanyahu government understands is that of violence
    and terror; these latest actions further demonstrate his complete contempt
    for the Obama Administration,” said Seaman. “As US citizens who bankroll
    the Israeli aggression, we have the moral obligation to cut off the pipeline
    of US weapons and diplomatic cover that allow this aggression to continue.”
    Along with Amnesty International and other human rights organizations,
    Jewish Voice for Peace supports a suspension of arms sales and any weapons
    transfers to Israel based on the illegal use of those arms against
    neighboring countries and within the Palestinian occupied territories.

    “We are asking our fellow Oregonians to call their representatives in
    Washington, DC, to express their strong condemnation of this latest
    aggression by the state of Israel, and to demand an immediate cut-off of US
    support,” said Seaman. “The path to peace and security for Palestinians and
    Israelis alike is through a just resolution to this conflict, and that means
    an end to the Israeli occupation and its illegal blockade of Gaza.”

    To contact the local chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, please call
    503-888-7455 or (503) 381-7011.

  7. This is off topic a bit, but if you ever had any doubts that the DBSers were somehow different than the Borwnshirts of the '30s, this should remove all doubts. Please spread this and if in Olympia, shop at this business.


  8. Can you please spread the word on this. The BDS crowd is trying to shut down a Deli in Olympia, WA because it hosted to Israeli speakers. One was even a Druze woman.

    You can almost here the glass breaking now.


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