Strategy E-Book

While I still have an account at ZinePal (the site that lets you turn blogs into e-books), I created a quick-and-dirty e-book that brings together some stuff I wrote over the last couple of  years having to do with strategy and tactics related to fighting against not just BDS, but the whole de-legitimization project.

Given discussions and debates that I’ve seen or been part of over the last few months (including those covering how we should deal with provocations such as PennBDS or the recent One State conference at Harvard), not to mention the whole discussion of legal vs. political responses to boycotts et al, it seemed timely to dredge this stuff up from the reverse-chronological depths of a blog and put it in one place for those interested in read.

You can find the e-book in various formats (including PDF) here.  And I’ve also put it into a Scribd account which can be accessed here.



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