It’s Not Over Over There

One of my great disappointments is the inability to give BDS activity outside of the US the attention it deserves.

People often make the assumption that while BDS has been a bust on these shores, that over in Europe it is having a better time of it.  But if European investment levels in the Jewish state (Europe now invests more venture capital into Israel than into any European country), panic over continental boycott and divestment efforts seems to be unwarranted.

And even at the local level, there seems to be a track record of BDS being given the old heave ho in the UK, at least if you look at efforts to get local councils to take BDS propaganda into consideration when deciding whom to hire to manage their waste.  In fact, this new blog I was just told about seems to be ringing up more stories of BDS failure in just the last month than I’ve measured here in six (although that might be because the BDSers are not actually bothering with trying to get anyone to divest these days – just in holding conferences and then using the existence of these events to prove their own relevance).

Something to think about…

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