PennBDS: Express Yourself (Literally)

Well it’s a sprint to the finish line to have something to say for every item on the PennBDS agenda before the conference starts.

Fortunately, this morning’s entry will be brief since, for the life of me, I don’t have the slightest idea what a talk on “BDS and Literacy Expression” (the next item on the Penn hit parade) is supposed to cover.  Especially since (as far as I know), I’m the only person who has ever generated a literary corpus based on the Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment “movement.”

You may have already seen this piece which provides fictional coverage of preparation for the last national BDS conference at Hampshire College in 2009.  That parody actually followed an earlier mock news storyon the Hampshire brouhaha that left a few Hampshire SJP types none-too-amused.

But by far the work I’m most proud of in terms of sheer time wasted when there was something useful and productive to get done goes to these two works which, while not quite Chaucer, at least let me use that “Hitler in the bathroom” joke I was sitting on for years:

Hampshire and the Brain

Sydney and Omar’s BDS Journey

And while I only have one song written for the BDS musical I hope to publish some day, dreams of Broadway will always spring eternal.

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