Well that didn’t take long

You can almost set your watch to the time interval between when some sort of progressive political project gets off the ground and when the “Friends of the Palestinian People” decide this new entity’s only purpose is to be used.

Given that the “Occupy Wall Street” etc. movement is leveraging the only word the BDSers have in their vocabulary other than “Apartheid” (and given that Omar Barghouti has trademarked “Occupation” and all its variants), I’m actually surprised it took the boycotters this long to try to seize this new political program for their own purposes.

Whatever you might think about the whole Occupy/99%/Tax the Rich project making its way around the country, would it be so bad to let it evolve along its own path and either form a capable political movement or just collapse under the weight of its own contradictions (a challenge any populist movement, from New Leftists to Tea Partiers, have had to struggle with)?

Ah, but that would involve looking at the world through other people’s eyes and balancing your own political needs with those of others.  But to the BDS crowd, as we know all too well, empathy and balance are utterly alien concepts.

And so, just as they have infiltrated and corrupted every organization dedicated to human rights, the boycotters are ready to storm the Occupy stage and insist that the only issue of any importance is theirs. Oh sure, they’ll pay lip service to this or that Occupy Wall Street slogan, but at the end of the day their loyalty is only to themselves.  Which means it won’t be long before they have established devotion to BDS as ticket to entry into a movement they had no role in starting, and to which they feel no loyalty beyond the loyalty a dog shows to a fire hydrant.

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  1. DrMike October 16, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    From what the media is reporting, decisions at Zucconi Park are made by consensus. All it takes to block consensus is one person who refuses to go along with it.
    How long do you think it will take for BDSers to insist on bypassing the group's own rules to force adoption of their anti-Israel agenda? Which, as you have well documented on numerous other occasions, will leave internal rancor and discord in its wake as the BDSers move on to their next target for subversion.

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