A New BDS World Record!

In what has to be its single greatest accomplishment in the last ten years, BDS received the boot not once, not twice but three times in a single weekend!

Some of you may recall the ongoing saga at the Sacramento Food Co-op where BDS “activists” have been pushing a boycott of Israeli goods for months, ignoring pleas by members and leaders of the organization that they are not interested in handing the reputation of an organization to a small, unrepresentative minority to use in their anti-Israel propaganda campaign.

Well in an organization-wide ballot, Co-op members supported by a majority of 87%-13% a ban on boycotts of goods based on national origin, a clear mandate to put the needs of its members ahead of impotent gestures of faux-involvement in international politics. And, for good measure, the vote also returned two board members who rejected BDS running against two other candidates who supported it.

And to complete this hat trick, a lawsuit designed to force the Co-op to put BDS to a member vote was withdrawn after the court dismissed the case “with prejudice,” which means a frivolous suit of this type can no longer be filed at a later date. (As an interesting side note, the only other time BDS has taken their case to court was in almost identical circumstances when divestment champions in Somerville, Massachusetts tried to sue their accusations against Israel onto the city-wide ballot. As with Sacramento, this attempt led to the judge issuing a judgment from the bench denying the boycotter’s motion.)

While one can never guess how local boycott advocates will behave (or misbehave), it’s fair to say that if they continue their activities at the Sacramento Co-op regardless of being rejected by nearly everyone within a twenty mile radius of the store, they are representing no one but themselves.

So kudos to the folks in Sacramento for successfully standing up to bullying and to the court for refusing to be used as a tool for single-issue political partisans.

With the rejection of anti-Israel boycotts by every co-op where they have been attempted (save one), we shall now return to Olympia Washington where BDSers remain entrenched in their bunker trying to fight off any attempt to reverse a boycott they imposed last year that (despite serving as an inspiration of what not to do to every other co-op in the land) still stands.

Stay tuned…

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