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Boy, you vacation for a week in a place without Internet access and lo and behold your mailbox is full when you get back (imagine that)!

In this case, many of my unread messages involve sending letters of protest or signing petitions against UDI. At first I was bewildered as to why so many people were protesting a form of birth control until I realized that UDI is all about breach-birthing a new nation state, the wonderful near-paradise of “Palestine.” (Hey, why can’t the rest of us put “scare quotes” around places we don’t care for?)

At first glance, a planned September vote on Palestinian nationhood looks a lot like the other umpteen-million United Nations Kabuki dramas that involves the Arab and Muslim states using the General Assembly as their plaything, followed by a US veto with Europe dancing around the middle to avoid threatening their political alliances and business interests.

Almost everyone recognizes that unilateral declarations of independence by the Palestinians, like unilateral annexation of territory by Israel, will represent an end to a peace process that began nearly 20 years ago. But there remain in all camps some voices that hold out hope for an eventual two-state solution negotiated between the parties, voices that are united against a UN veto of a negotiated settlement in the form of UDI.

Interestingly enough, BDS is also in the anti-UDI camp, but for a very different reason than those who hold out hope for a negotiated peace. If you read through this somewhat longish piece, it seems that the BDS folks are not big fans of UDI for the simple reason that it is not unilateral enough. For while it would declare territories disputed between Israelis and Palestinians to be sovereign Palestinian territory, it seems to leave open the possibility of Israel surviving in its present borders, something which is apparently anathema to the BDS cru.

Naturally, this desire to see Israel’s legitimacy challenged regardless of where borders are drawn is couched in the language of human rights and international law (the usual dense fog of warm words that becloud the true militant goals of the BDS “movement” – one the reasons their press releases are as long as they are).

If we needed any more evidence that BDS is not the “peace movement” it pretends to be but rather a militant program dedicated to eliminating all options other than armed conflict, their stance on even destructive unilateral action which does not leave open their dreams of conquest should expose them for what they are.

In fact, now that the borders are heating up and rockets are again falling on Israel from Gaza, it strikes me as the perfect time for those who claim to care about the Palestinians to be using whatever influence they have to try to quiet down those borders in hope to avoid conflict that would certainly lead to the deaths of not just Jews but also Palestinians whose lives they claim as their moral lodestone.

Ah, but what if those rockets and mortar shells don’t really bother the BDSers much so long as they are being fired in one direction? In fact, what if they can only be roused to action when the inevitable happens and Israel decides to return fire?

While this would make no sense if BDS were, in fact, part of a “peace movement,” it would make perfect sense if they were what they are: the propaganda arm of a war movement whose members are currently licking their lips and rubbing their hands in a glee in hope of a potential new confrontation they can take to the streets to protest against, victims (both Israeli and Palestinian) be damned.

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  1. uncle yo-yo August 22, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

    In addition to all the other reasons Jon has outlined for why BDS is a complete, miserable failure (and perhaps even a good thing as it is so revealing of the actual mindset of the “let's destroy Israel” fringe), I do not think enough attention has been paid to the fact that many (most?) of the BDS Cru are just flat-out bugshit crazy.

    I was walking in Union Square NYC and walked past the usual Saturday protest by the local BDSers (about 7 persons, all 60+, all angry and bitter). They were shouting about this and that and waving a Rachel Corrie poster or two [no Fogel family posters for some reason] while being ignored by every passerby. Seriously, no traction whatsoever.

    As I passed by, I commented that this was maybe not the best time for a protest, what with the terror attacks in Eilat just two days before.

    Here is where it gets interesting — to a person, the BDSers all insisted those attacks were “false flag” operations by the CIA and the Mossag (like 9-11 !!!!!) to draw attention away from U.S. depravity and unjust wars in the Middle East.

    Among other things, one should remember that BDS is a magnet for the psychotic, unhinged, and demented, and that BDS is just a convenient focus for their insanity.

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