As some of you may recall, in 2009 Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) and other associated usual suspects decided they would play their then-familiar divestment hoax card with the huge and well-known academic retirement fund TIAA-CREF. Fortunately, this was just the period when blogs like this one were coming online to double check the BDSers claims and catch them with their hands in the cookie jar during a twelve month period of similar attempted divestment frauds.

Demonstrating that such groups have chutzpah (no substitute for integrity, but worth mentioning), they followed up their 2009 hoax with a 2010 campaign to get TIAA-CREF to actually do what JVP just pretended they did one year previously: divest from Israel.

Well, lo and behold, TIAA-CREF decided that you can’t screw someone on Friday and then ask them to do your bidding the following Monday. And so divestment will not be on the CREF shareholder ballot in 2011. As one of my favorite commenters might put it: “Ooops!”

To get a sense of the thinking behind these types of stunts, let me direct you to the most excellent adventures of Sydney and Omar (a little something I posted last year during a slow period).

Party on dudes!

4 thoughts on “TIAA-CREF 2 JVP: FU!”

  1. And as a result, TIAA CREF was subject to a “day o'rage” yesterday, as they urged people to “Pick up the phone today as part of a national call-in day to TIAA-CREF’s CEO Roger Ferguson at (212) 490-9000 to say: You can’t censor me, You can’t continue investing in Occupation!”

    After all, NEARLY 20, thats right, NEARLY 20, of their members submitted a proposal to TIAA CREF to condemn Israel for global warming, AIDS and the decline of honeybees. Or something like that. How dare they ignore NEARLY 20 of their 3.7 million members? Be very careful CEO Roger Ferguson. Rumour has it JVP will sic Rae Abileah on you at your next shareholders meeting.

  2. Damage control time from JVP: They sent out another email re: TIAA CREF threatening FLASH MOBS! I'm sure that this Fortune 100 financial services organization serving 3.7 million with $453 billion in combined assets is quivering in their shoes. No!! Not a flash mob!!!! Anything but overwight off key activists singing and dancing in the street. In the latest email from JVP, not a word was mentioned about the NEARLY 20 TIAA CREF members who felt “censored”. Could they have realized that it wasn't their most convincing arguement? Nah, introspection and good judgement don't appear to be part of JVP's tool box.

  3. Watch out world, its JVP Flash mob time:

    To the tune of “YMCA” by The Village People
    They say they're the best
    For people
    Who want to invest
    We say
    It's time to divest
    From the occ-u-pa—tion
    right now
    We know your motto
    That you care
    About more than our
    And you work
    For the greater good….

    Sorry JVP. All the tequila in the world isn't going to make that a top ten hit….. As for me, I prefer Tiaa Cref invest MY money in the booming economy of the only democracy in the Middle east.

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