First off, can anyone tell me what the logo for the BDS “movement” (pictured above) is supposed to represent?

But seriously folks, what shall we make of a “movement” that is trumpeting about its latest success, which as far as I can see consists of their failure to get DePaul university to stop selling Sabra Hummus?

As some of you may remember, DePaul was once home to Norman Finklestein, the tenth-rate pseudo-scholar vying to play a four-generation photocopy of the 160-year-old Noam Chomsky on the well-paying “Israel Sucks” circuit. But sadly Mr. Finkelstein was not granted tenure at that institution (the greatest crime since the Holocaust, according to his supporters) which means that the next time you visit DePaul, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice Sabra roll-up but, alas, you will not be able to hear the ravings of Norman F.

But seriously folks (really this time), I think we have now found the defining “victory” for the BDS project: the decision by some Scottish towns to ban Israeli books from their libraries as well as brand Israeli products with a distinguishing mark so that they can be more easily boycotted. Hmmm, does that ring a bell in anyone else’s head?

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  1. Nice, i hadn't heard anything on DePaul for a while. It gives me some sort of righteous satisfaction every time they fail. Though i think that summary of why DePaul chose not to boycott gives the BDS mob a bit too much credit as pertains to their motivations in going after Sabra.

    That picture though…what is that a cross between a hobo and a 3rd grader's rendering of the sun?

  2. Well, the Jews I live with are quite the single malt Scotch drinkers. When I suggested a total Scotch boycott in response, I was asked to identify the offending towns and only Scotches from those locations will be blacklisted.


  3. the caricature dude symbolizes the nonexistent “right” of return and is called a “handala”. It appears frequently in anti-Israel propaganda (look it up on Wikipedia if you want details). Now of course the scales presumably deal with the desire for “justice”, which BDS defines as eliminating the one Jewish state in favor of replacing it with the world's 23rd Arab and 58th Islamic state ,maybe +1 depending on what becomes of Libya.

    (We're still waiting for any BDSers out there who want to make a credible case–quoting from BDS documents or leaders– that the goal of BDS is NOT the elimination of Jewish statehood.)

    Now if you really want to set off a frenzy among the anti-Israel hate groups, show posters with Handala images like this:

  4. Barb – Satisfy yourself with knowing that with one conversation with roommaters you have had more economic impact on a country than BDS has had after ten years of effort.

    Mike – Thanks for clearing that up. Now can anyone tell me why “handala” seems to be balancing the scales of justice on his seemingly swolen butt cheeks?

  5. I believe the swollen butt cheeks of Handala are meant to represent the current epidemic of obesity in Gaza, now exceeding 15% (same rate as Canada)

  6. Anon – Funny, I heard a rumor that David Cameron resigned his position at JNF in order to dedicate all of his energy to creating a UK version of AIPAC which he can then lead when he leaves office.

    Now I know this seems far fetched, but there is a simple way for you to clear things up by providing us a quote from Cameron (or his office) indicating that he left his position at JNF for the specific reasons you state (i.e., his agreement with the BDS position on the JNF organization).

    That shouldn't be too hard, would it?

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