Lemming(s) of the BDS?

This will sound weird, but after several years of dealing with the whole divestment thing, I only recently got around to Googling “BDS” on its lonesome (i.e., not using specific keywords such as “Hampshire BDS” or “BDS fail”). And lo and behold, the “Boycott, divestment and sanctions” use of the acronym only appears once (albeit first) on the front page of a Google search.

Apparently, there are other uses of this term (which boycotters may want to take into account before they start waving banners and screaming through megaphones: “BDS! BDS! BDS! in the bewildered faces of those they are trying to convince).

This list includes:

Business Development Services
Bush Derangement Syndrome (derogatory political epithet coined by Charles Krauthammer)
Bachelor of Dental Surgery
Broadcast Data Systems (music)
British Driving Society
Blue Diamond Society (Nepal)
Biohazard Detection System
Boondock Saints (movie)
Brew Distribution System (Qualcomm)
Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions
British Dragonfly Society
Business Development Specialist
Bioadhesive Delivery System (Columbia Laboratories, Inc.)
Blower Drive Service (automotive)
Bid Data Sheet
Brock-Dechert-Scheinkman (statistic)
Biological Detection System
Bureau of Diplomatic Security (US State Department)
Bulldog Skates (skateboards)
Bioreactor Demonstration System (NASA)
Business Document Service (SAP)
Battlefield Distributed Simulation
Blank Detail Specification
Bryant-Denny Stadium (University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa)
Battle Dressing Station
Business Data Services
Biotechnology Demonstration System
Brindisi P Casale (airport code, Italy)
Blackfan-Diamond Syndrome
State Agency for Standardization and Metrology (Bulgaria)
Bicycle Dealer Showcase
Building Distribution System
Business Development Seminar
Burlington Day School (North Carolina)
Broadcast Data Service
Battlefield Data System
British Dental Society
Big Dumb Show
Browse data Distribution Subsystem
Blockwise Direct Sum
Big Data Service (SGI)
British Defense Staff
Binary Data Set
Business Dial-Up Service
Buddha Dharma Sangha
Backus Data Systems, Incorporated
Battle Deception System
Base Data System
Budget Databases System
Business Design Solutions
Broadband Distribution System
Business Design Specification
Comm-B Data Registers (used in Mode-S interrogators)
Bill Delevery System
Border Damping System (used in a picture tube)
Burglar Detection System
Banyon Data Systems, Inc (Burnsville, MN)
Bulk Data Subnet
Background Driver Search
Bomb Director System/Set
Briefing and Display Subsystem
Building Department Software
Breakdown Spares
Born Down Souf (College Park, GA band)
Banco de Solidaridad (Spanish: Bank of Solidarity)
Bone Density Scanner

As easy as it would be to make a joke about the BDS we all know and love as being one “Big Dumb Show” and “Battle Deception System,” the acronym that intrigued me most was the “British Dentist Society.”

Wasn’t Lemming a member of the British Dental Association (or BDA)?

3 thoughts on “Lemming(s) of the BDS?”

  1. You said it. So far this year (and I'm talking the academic year, going back to last September) has been pretty thin gruel regarding actual BDS news to dig my teeth into.

    If you look at the other side's own assessment of this year's triumphs (http://www.international.to/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=967:bds-update-breaking-new-barriers&catid=61:eric-walberg&Itemid=93), their record in year 10 of the “movement” seems to consist of:

    (1) New hoaxes (like the Pete Seeger story) coupled with continued celebration of old frauds like the Hampshire hoax (now on film, so it must be true!)

    (2) BDSers holding their own events somewhere on the planet and blogging about them

    In other words, BDS continues to measure its success not on actually achieving anything, but on whether or not the BDSers themselves continue to make pests of themselves to an increasingly uninterested public.

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