Time to forgo my usual thousand words for some pictures, starting with my favorite “Israel-Apartheid Week” poster of the year:

The IAW concept was already looking tattered before the indifference of IAW protestors to the corpses of thousands of Arab political protestors littering the streets of Libya and beyond exposed their hypocrisy to all.

And speaking of hypocrisy, what better poster child for the BDS movement than Omar Barghouti, the paramount pampered member of the Palestinian bourgeoisie who spends his time jet-setting around the planet calling for boycotts of (among others) Israeli academics, while enjoying a subsidized life at an Israeli university (how’s that dissertation coming along Omar?), protected from harm by the very Israeli police and army he spends his life condemning.

Next we visit a wonderful animation by the folks at NGO Monitor of the BDS Sewer System (visit the original to see it in motion):

Other than the provocative imagery, what I like about NGO Monitor’s graphic is the linkages it maps out between the manufacturing of charges by corrupt or infiltrated institutions (the politicized NGOs and their funders at the top of the chart) which are then used to justify the attacks and protests that make up the arms and legs of the BDS “movement.” In many ways, BDS is not so much a political activity as it is a means to manufacture controversy within any civic institution anti-Israel activists choose to target. And given the resources at its disposal (mapped out clearly in the NGO Watch sewer diagram), it still astounds me how little they have managed to accomplish after a decade of activity.

Finally, an image to illustrate the good news I’ve alluded to over the last couple of weeks: The Divest This Guide is back from the printers! Thanks to generous donations by many individuals and groups, over 25,000 copies of the Guide are now winging their way across the country and around the world to inform those that may be encountering the BDS virus of just what they are dealing with. And what are they dealing with? I’ll let this final picture (actually, the book’s back cover) do the talking:

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5 Responses to Pictures

  1. Anonymous March 10, 2011 at 2:03 am #

    Who cares what Roger Waters thinks? He is just a has been from the 70s and 80s.

    “Realizing at that point that my presence on a Tel Aviv stage would inadvertently legitimize the oppression I was witnessing, I canceled my gig at the football stadium in Tel Aviv and moved it to Neve Shalom an agricultural community devoted to growing chick peas and also, admirably, to cooperation between people of different faiths, where Muslim, Christian and Jew live and work side by side in harmony.

    Against all expectations, it was to become the biggest music event in the short history of Israel. 60,000 fans battled traffic jams to attend. It was extraordinarily moving for me and my band, and at the end of the gig I was moved to exhort the young people gathered there to demand of their government that they attempt to make peace with their neighbors and respect the civil rights of Palestinians living in Israel.”

  2. Shaun Baker March 10, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Good to see Barghouti has moved his fashion sense from the 70's era Dr. Zayas Planet of the Apes look, into the 80's era, 'I am David Byrne's long lost twin brother' look, (going so far as to wear the 'big suit'.

    Maybe he can sponsor a Pallywood video version of “Life During Wartime.”

  3. Jon March 11, 2011 at 12:47 pm #

    Regarding Roger Waters (and whatever other celeb the BDSers manager to actually – vs. fraudulently – bring aboard their squalid little program), I've already had my say on the issue of BDS and celebrity here:

    The only thing I would add is that I'm ready to discuss Waters and whatever other 70s and 80s celeb anyone wants so long as the BDSers allow their arithmatic to work both ways. In other word, if one aging rocker not going to Israeli is to be infused with political significance, then so too must the hundreds of writers, artists, and musicians who choose to play Israel every year.

    Similarly, if one stupid food coop deciding to stop selling $50 worth of Israeli ice cream cones is to be assigned political weight, a proportional amount of political weight must also be assigned to the tens of billions of dollars in Israeli goods sold worldwide since the BDS movement began.

    Fair enough?

  4. Ben March 12, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    You're describing the reality of facts, not the fantasy of a narrative where defeat is victory, a few successes trump hundreds of painful failures, and Roger Waters' presence has moved this entire dance back to 1977. The BDS side doesn't like the actual world (well, outside of Egypt or Libya right now) and frankly that's their problem. Dealing with actual events and commenting on how they are stupid is good work enough; keep doing that!

  5. Mar Vista Mustang March 23, 2011 at 5:59 am #

    Have you been keeping up on the denial of Barghouti's U.S. visa?

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